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More on that sharing economy in travel debate, over on Huffington Post [VIDEO]

It must be the time of year for conversations about the rise of and issues surrounding the so-called sharing economy.

Arnaud Bertrand, CEO of HouseTrip, wrote an opinion piece on Tnooz last week (Are governments killing the sharing economy?) which has triggered all manner of questions regarding legislation and regulation of the various P2P marketplaces trying to make their mark in the industry.

It’s not a simple issue by any means and the apparent worries, perhaps confusingly for those operating businesses in it and also for travellers using the services, are often dependent on the location of the people and organisations participating in such services.

It’s a complicated minefield of regulation (or not, in many cases) coupled with new businesses simply trying to challenge the status quo of how people source accommodation or other services for a trip.

Huffington Post stepped into all yesterday with a discussion involving Kate Thomas (Travel With Kate), Jamie Wong (Vayable), Guy Michelin (EatWith) and our very own Nick Vivion.

Here’s the clip from HuffPo Live:

Nick Vivion

About the Writer :: Nick Vivion

Nick Vivion is a reporter for Tnooz, based in New Orleans, USA.

His passion for travel technology led him to travel around the world shooting travel videos for Current TV and Lonely Planet TV in 2006 and 2007.

He shot on Mini-DV, edited on a white MacBook, uploaded and shared online as he traveled. His moxie for travel video has resulted in over two million views on his YouTube partner channel.

In addition to travel, Nick co-founded of one of the web’s most talked about LGBT media sites, Unicorn Booty, and has gone "blog-to-brick" with a bricks-and-mortar restaurant called Booty's Street Food in New Orleans – serving street food from around the world.



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