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dream graph 1524 days ago

Some of the Tnooz Nodes are weighing in with reaction and analysis on the Google-ITA Software deal announced on Thursday this week.

1310 days ago

Reports on negotiations between the U.S. Department of Justice and Google on its proposed $700 million acquisition of ITA Software may call into question some of Google’s pledges to ITA’s customers.

1407 days ago

Kayak and Expedia say Google would dominate flight search if the U.S. Department of Justice approves the acquisition of ITA Software, and Google would have the incentive to degrade ITA’s airline pricing and shopping product for online travel companies if the deal goes through.

heart 1593 days ago

Is ITA Software’s airline-hosting business a deal-breaker or a deal-maker with Google?

1443 days ago

The Google-ITA Software deal could be huge for the travel industry — but might the pending acquisition have even larger consequences than initially envisioned for Google?

boston globe ita 1524 days ago

The business press, mainstream media and tech world generally goes into meltdown when Mountain View, California’s most famous resident splashes out $700 million on another company.

PartyPeople_shutterstock_13246654 575 days ago

Google has been on a steady march towards complete digital domination, acquiring companies that allow Google to burrow itself into pretty much everything and carving out a lucrative and inescapable Googleverse. But what is the connection between all of these seemingly disparate elements?

bored 1141 days ago

Over the last several weeks we’ve seen continued hype on the output of the Google acquisition of ITA Software.

ITA software-google 1317 days ago

Eric Schmidt stepped aside at the top of Google last week and was replaced by fresh faced co-founder Larry Page, ready to spearhead the next phase of development.

judgment 1239 days ago

The proposed settlement in the Google-ITA Software deal requires the parties to negotiate new contracts and renewals for ITA’s QPX and looming InstaSearch customers, but Google and ITA are free to develop exclusive products without having to pass them along to clients.


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