startups money magnet A dash of realism for startups seeking angel investment
startups money magnet 5 mins ago

Many startups ponder if they are good candidates for angel investment?

cabforce 51 mins ago

Taxi and transfer booking platform Cabforce has capped a busy 12 months with the addition of a Euro 1.5 million investment round. The injection comes …

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 11.48.33 AM 4 days ago

In another chapter of the ongoing regulatory evolution for ride-sharing services, California’s Department of Motor Vehicles is to require commercial plates for …

helloshift 5 days ago

Launched in August 2014, HelloShift is a San Francisco-based startup that’s aiming to be an enterprise collaboration tool for hotel operations similar …

shutterstock_239725417 5 days ago

Horizon is a new service that connects travelers to overnight stays with like-minded locals, and is the result of a pivot from the Oh …

shutterstock_245868751 5 days ago

Today’s travel startup watch comes from TripCake, a service that facilitates managing group travel via a shared interface and customized group offers. The …

startups founders 5 days ago

We entrepreneurs keep a lot of things bottled up inside.

Trevii 6 days ago

If Hollywood made a film about online travel startups, it would probably tell the inspiring story of two young entrepreneurs building a …

SmarterParis 6 days ago

Many travelers don’t like carrying paper guidebooks with them on vacations. For one thing, they can be heavy in a bag after …

shutterstock_245412169 7 days ago

In a private event captured on amateur video (embedded below), space pioneer Elon Musk has outlined his next task: space internet. Of …


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