google plus-2 A post-mortem on the demise of Google Plus
google plus-2 3 weeks ago

Create a social network or risk everything – the original internal pitch to fellow employees around the Googleplex.

data code 1 month ago

Futurist, journalist, prognosticator, and author Malcolm Gladwell recently told a data-driven marketing technologist crowd that data is not their salvation.

marc andressenn 1 month ago

Marc Andreessen, he of Andreessen Horowitz fame, is 43 years old and six feet five inches tall.

virtual travel 1 month ago

The shift in travel spending from bricks-and-mortar travel agencies to online travel companies has largely been about automation — taking the human …

startup employees 2 months ago

When Molly Graham joined Facebook, the company already had 400 employees, but there was no official performance or compensation system in place.

london eye 2 months ago

In what seems a mad move, the EU is considering amending copyright laws which could make the online sharing of travel snaps and …

shutterstock_283147643 2 months ago

Sorry, Twitter lovers – It’s time to upend some common assumptions. NB: This is an analysis by Shubhodeep Pal, vice president for products …

facebook bluetooth 3 months ago

Travel is tied to brick-and-mortar — you have to move physically through the world to experience the industry. This means that there are …

triptease travel website booking 3 months ago

Interesting research being released by Triptease this week following a survey and usability testing with consumers into their browsing behaviour on hotel websites. Travel websites …

crowss-channel marketing 3 months ago

Customer experience and continued engagement have always been a pre-requisite in the global airline industry. NB: This is an analysis by Akshatha …


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