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Best day to post on Facebook fan pages – and other helpful tips for travel brands [INFOGRAPHIC]

Is there a magic bullet for how travel brands can make the most of their thousands of fans on Facebook? Probably not – but some data analysis can help point the way.

First of all, US-based digital agency LinchpinSEO has looked at what are the best days for travel and leisure-related companies should be posting content to their fan pages.

[It has looked at 14 other industries, too]

The next set of data examines when and how certain types of content engages with fans (or not), including tips on certain words which get better engagement (“winner”!) and, interestingly, why brands shouldn’t use shortened URLs.

More here:

Kevin May

About the Writer :: Kevin May

Kevin May is editor and a co-founder of Tnooz. He was previously editor of UK-based magazine Travolution for nearly four years and web editor of Media Week UK from 2003 to 2005.

He has also worked in regional newspapers (Essex Enquirer) and started his career in journalism at the Police Gazette at New Scotland Yard in London. He has a degree in criminology and a postgraduate diploma in magazine journalism.



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  1. Nailah

    Lots to think about after reading through this infographic. I found the impact of emoticons the most surprising (didn’t realize anyone cared if I added a smiley or not) and will definitely try to create more opportunities for interaction.

  2. Arienne

    Interesting insight! Thanks for sharing. Now my brain is swimming with what to do and what not to do :D

  3. Monique

    Great info. I’ve been working on my FB page so this will definitely help. :-D

  4. Lorne Marr

    I will have to agree. I run a foodblog as a side hobby and Mondays + Tuesdays are the best days of week in terms of traffic. I guess the same mechanic works there as does on Facebook.

  5. Stuart

    So if I do this :) :( moe people read it? Hmmmm

  6. Stuart

    Oh god. Everyone is going to be posting questions now.

    Do you like this sunny beach?

    On a Sunday

    Like if you wish you were here now?

    At 8 oclock at night

    Work tomorrow – do you LIKE Tahiti?

    Great infographic. Probably spot-one.
    Anyone else think Facebook is a bit. em, crap and low-brow for brands?

  7. Bali Floating Leaf

    Great info graphic. Honestly can’t believe I never thought about these numbers before, regardless of whether or not I agree. Yes, Michael, nice emoticon. There. ;-)

  8. Captain Eric

    I took notes! We will be putting many of these ideas in to use at Pittsburgh Water Limo. Thanks for a well presented article.

  9. Michael

    Agree with most of this. The key is to mix and match so as not to overuse any particular method. You also need to figure out what time(s) of the day is best to reach your followers.

    I have found that 2 posts a day – one every 12hrs is the perfect method for our Backpacker page.

    :D — just testing the emoticon to see if I get a +138% interaction here too

  10. Ian Wright

    Very useful – ythe end of the week stuff is borne out by our experience, especially in relation to visitors to our website. I’d like an answer to Pete’s question too!

  11. Pete Meyers

    Agree fully that this is particularly useful. Great info to see.

    One question:

    “Brands that publish 1-2 times per day see 19% higher interaction rates”


    “Pages that post more than 7 times per week see a 25% decrease in interaction rates”

    I’ve read this 4 times in a row and can’t figure out how these two points don’t conflict.

  12. John Dandeneau

    Thanks for the great information! Well presented and – most importantly – actionable! This will definitely be shared with my colleagues and clients.

  13. Liam

    I would agree that posting images with stories improves engagement, that is certainly our experience. Nice infographic!!

  14. Jake @ QuickRealFans

    Great Infographic. Its crisp and to the point. Your point to post pictures for greater exposure is very valid!

  15. Raul (@ilivetotravel in Twitter)

    Excellent insights! I may have been doing some things right but plenty of room for improvement. Thanks.

  16. Dave Kozlowski

    I enjoy infographics in general, but this one offers such great and useful insight into postings! Thanks for sharing it. I’ve already tweaked my social strategy per your suggestions.



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