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2 years ago

Direct response drives latest push to get people to the slopes

Direct response marketers WDMP have created quite the cohesive direct mail and digital campaign for client Monarch Airlines.

The discount airline’s goal is to get more people to the slopes, and the campaign aims to target and inform people most likely to head out on the slopes. After targeting specific postcodes that match Monarch customer profiles, WDMP has identified specific messaging for each particular profile. Each airport participating in the campaign is using their own area insight to drive effective messaging.

The campaign is far-reaching, with over 1.2 million homes receiving mail inserts, press inserts and door drops.  By promoting “The best snow is at your doorstep,” the campaign smartly connects the fact that proximity to an airport translates into relative ease-of-access to the European ski resorts.

The most interesting aspect of this campaign is the integration with augmented-reality app Blippar. After downloading the app, users can snap a shot of the printed collateral to be transported to a 3D-rendering of resorts served by the airline: Innsbruck, Grenoble, Friedrichshafen and Munich.

When a user clicks on a particular destination, a popup box informs them about Monarch routes serving that area. Users can then click through to book directly on Monarch’s site.

By bringing together different marketing channels, WDMP might indeed see some solid results. There is in-built excitement with promotions that explicitly encourage cross-touch interactions, especially when considering an emotional purchase such as a ski holiday.

In a release, two of the primaries behind the campaign point to how they hope this unique multi-channel approach will drive results.

Kevin George, Managing Director of Monarch Airlines:

“This innovative approach to door drop targeting is another new direction for Monarch Airlines. The improved insight has allowed us to really focus on the local benefit of our range of routes to a huge audience and brings a fresh approach to an undervalued marketing channel.”

Craig Wheeler, Managing Director of WDMP:

“Continuing the use of Blippar to drive engagement through new channels is a really positive step for both Monarch and WDMP. The targeting is a really innovative approach to a traditional channel and we’re confident of its ability to drive significant results.”

If Monarch/WDMP can make people feel an emotional reaction to exploring the slopes – they are envisioning themselves swiftly carving the fresh powder on a cloudless blue sky day – they will be much more likely to click-through to book a holiday right then and there.

Nick Vivion

About the Writer :: Nick Vivion

Nick Vivion is a reporter for Tnooz, based in New Orleans, USA.

His passion for travel technology led him to travel around the world shooting travel videos for Current TV and Lonely Planet TV in 2006 and 2007.

He shot on Mini-DV, edited on a white MacBook, uploaded and shared online as he traveled. His moxie for travel video has resulted in over two million views on his YouTube partner channel.

In addition to travel, Nick co-founded of one of the web’s most talked about LGBT media sites, Unicorn Booty, and has gone "blog-to-brick" with a bricks-and-mortar restaurant called Booty's Street Food in New Orleans – serving street food from around the world.



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