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Hipmunk to unveil in-flight Wi-Fi indicator

Hipmunk is about to take the agony out of determining whether your flight has Wi-Fi.

In a couple of days, on June 28, Hipmunk will start marking the flight bar in search results with a Wi-Fi icon, making it readily apparent if your flight has in-flight Wi-Fi.

Here’s the icon, which Hipmunk posted on its Facebook page, with the status update: “What does this mean, Hipmunks?”


Well, it means in-flight Wi-Fi.

Building on Hipmunk’s Facebook tease, Tnooz node Graham Robertson figured it all out in his Project: Wander blog.

And, Hipmunk confirmed to Tnooz that the Wi-Fi indicator would be launching Tuesday.

“We’re so excited for this to go live because it aligns well with our mission of providing travelers with the best flight options and trade-offs up- front in the search results,” says Hipmunk spokeswoman Jacqueline Tanzella.

Indicating which flights have Wi-Fi is hardly revolutionary.

Kayak has been doing it for years. When users check the “Wi-Fi available” filter on the left side of the Kayak search results page, Kayak places a Wi-Fi logo alongside relevant flights.

Mobissimo, too, announced in 2009 that it added a Wi-Fi icon to flights with Wi-Fi, and the icon appears underneath these flights in search results.

I haven’t yet seen the Hipmunk implementation of the Wi-Fi icon, but the company appears to be placing the feature front and center.

The Wi-Fi icon will not immediately appear in Hipmunk’s iPhone and iPad apps, but that is in the works.

Dennis Schaal

About the Writer :: Dennis Schaal

Dennis Schaal was North American editor for Tnooz.



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  2. Gregg

    Just curious, what process is used to identify what flights have wi-fi? I mean, not every aircraft in the airline’s fleet has it, so how is the information collected? I was on a flight recently where the airline advertised it, but it was not yet installed on the aircraft assigned to that routing for the day. Thoughts? Comments?

    • Jacqueline Tanzella

      @ Gregg: Jacqueline here from Hipmunk. We obtain the wireless information directly from the airline, which provides us with the most accurate picture of the wifi equipped planes for each individual airline. However, situations do occur where a weather delay or plane maintenance might prompt an airline to make a last-minute aircraft switch in order to take off on time, and sometimes a plane without wireless might get swapped in. We will provide the most up-to-date info in our search results, but understand things can change at the gate.

  3. plz

    You should’ve got to “Indicating which flights have Wi-Fi is hardly revolutionary”, stopped yourself, hit cancel, and started on a new post.

  4. Dennis Schaal

    Dennis Schaal

    Ryan: Can Hipmunk really be a competitor for Kayak, Orbitz and Expedia? Hipmunk, after all, is a bit late to the game. How will Hipmunk scale? Just raising the question.

  5. Ryan C

    Love this new wrinkle to Hipmunk’s already exemplary functionality. This company is positioning itself well to make a move on Kayak, Expedia and Orbitz. I for one enjoy seeing the innovation in the crowded travel space.

  6. Judy Curtis

    People like to make the most of their travel time. If you had a choice between two flights within the same price and date range, you might opt for the flight with Wi-Fi to stay connected.
    Mobissimo displays this information with a Wi-Fi icon in the travel search results (Dennis is right — since 2009). This is some of the info that people need to compare options and plan travel.
    Check out flights from NYC to Chicago, SFO to NYC, etc.

    (Disclaimer: I work with Mobissimo, the international travel search engine)



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