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3 years ago

The most popular air travel apps by actual iPhone usage

App makers like to tout how many times their software has been downloaded because it’s the only number that never goes down.

But the real question is consumer take-up, meaning, how often air travellers use their app and make it a part of their routine.

Onavo, maker of apps for data compression and data-monitoring to slash mobile charges, has ranked travel search and booking apps by the percentage of US iPhone users who activated them at least once during the last three months.

For Tnooz, the company looked at airline apps, itinerary apps like Tripit, flight tracking apps, and ancillary apps like Gate Guru.

The data shows what percentage of iPhone users use flying apps and which combinations of apps are most prevalent.

air travel apps iphone onavo united airlines tripit tnooz

Onavo found that roughly 8% of US iPhone users used travel apps to make their travels easier over the past three months.

Airline Apps

App Name (Aug-Sep-Oct Market Share)
United Airlines  (1.6%)
Southwest Airlines (1.5%)
Fly Delta (1.3%)
American Airlines (1.3%)
JetBlue (0.5%)

Other Flying Apps:
App Name (Aug-Sep-Oct Market Share)
Tripit [all versions] 1.6%
FlightTrack – Mobiata [all versions] 0.5%
GateGuru 0.5%
Flight View 0.35%
TripTracker – PageOnce [all versions] 0.3%

The stats give a partial picture, while other data, such as on data usage for travel booking apps in general, provide more colour.

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Sean O'Neill

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Sean O’Neill is Editor-in-Chief of Tnooz.
Before joining us, Sean was the future of travel columnist at BBC Travel, senior editor of, and an associate editor at Kiplinger’s. He now lives in New Jersey, after having worked in London for four years. He's on Twitter and is excited for #Rio2016.



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  1. Hunter

    I fly all of the time thanks to my job a DISH, so I use a lot of these apps all of the time. JetBlue is my main airline, so I use their app quite a bit. TripIt and GateGuru also get a lot of miles, but the app I use the most isn’t listed. It’s called DISH Remote Access, and it lets me stream live TV and DVR recordings from my DVR at home, to my phone or tablet while on the road. I love it because I can keep up with my local news shows, even when I am on the other side of the country, but I also get a lot of use out of it while waiting out weather delays and cancelations at the airport.

  2. Sean O'Neill

    Sean O'Neill

    Hi Brianna,
    Sorry about that. I’ve fixed the link.
    It goes here:

    Thanks for reading,

  3. Brianna

    I’d love to see the additional data you link to in the below sentence, but the link leads me right back to this article.

    “The stats give a partial picture, while other data, such as on data usage for travel booking apps in general, provide more colour.”


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