Alex Bainbridge

Alex Bainbridge

Alex is a contributing Node to Tnooz and writes about travel technology, travel startups, specialist tour operators and the tours & activities sector. He has previously led ecommerce, social media and reservation system projects for airlines, leading mainstream tour operators and hotel distribution companies in both leisure and business travel sectors.

He is the CEO of TourCMS, a web based software-as-a-service reservation system and distribution platform used by many specialist tour operators worldwide to take online bookings and distribute to 3rd parties.

He also moderates Small Fish Big Ocean, a community that welcomes small tour operators and niche travel agents to come and discuss travel ecommerce issues. Alex has a computing degree, is passionate about usability, speaks French and still writes and reviews code.

economics lesson Time for an economics lesson and a sprinkling of the real world over tours and activities
economics lesson 814 days ago

Tnooz recently featured two somewhat academic articles about the economics of peer-to-peer travel marketplaces (Article #1, Article #2).

inspire travel 892 days ago

For many people travel is all about realising dreams, a brief respite from the daily grind of life and the chance to get inspired by places that they visit.

inspiration sign 912 days ago

Inspiration. An over used-word around these parts. But inspiration remains one of the final remaining challenges in online travel.

pirate treasure 913 days ago

Being called a bunch of pirates in an industry isn’t as bad an insult as it sounds – especially in the context of being seen as potential disruptive forces in the travel sector.

fan in a van 932 days ago

Are you bored in your job? Looking for a new challenge!? How about come and work for us for a few months, probably unpaid, but will send you on a trip of a lifetime.

globe hands 980 days ago

It is currently Responsible Tourism Week. In the tours and activities sector, so-called responsible tourism is important. Very important.

zozi guru 1002 days ago

It’s interesting watching how startups evolve – San Francisco-based Zozi started out in 2009 as Ekoventure, an intermediary in multi-day tours and activities.

blogger beach 1016 days ago

The profession of travel blogging is apparently on the rise (defined as those who find employment through writing travel blogs).

startup money 1045 days ago

Despite every startup claiming to be approaching a problem in a different way, you can actually divide them into four categories.

schemer 1046 days ago

There are a number of pieces missing from the Google travel jigsaw. So far its focus has been on data-driven services – Maps, Flight Search, Hotel Finder, Places and the ubiquitous click-based advertising.


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