Alex Kremer

Alex Kremer

Alex Kremer is is a contributing Node to Tnooz and Vice President of Partnerships at Nor1, Inc. He was previously COO and co-founder at Flextrip, a tours and activities marketplace API servicing travel companies which was acquired by Nor1.

Alex is a 15 year veteran of technology startup companies, previously co-founding Cruvee, a business intelligence company for the wine industry where he led Business Development.

Prior to that, he co-founded FanAxis, one of the world's first fan club management and merchandising firms in the music and entertainment industries.

Alex began his career at 16 by founding Onlink, an early innovator in virtualized server technologies for the web hosting industry. Alex is based in Boulder, Colorado.

tours and activities The wait is over, tours and activities finally hits the big time
tours and activities 8 months ago

Our long nightmare is over. Tours and activities finally gets the big market move it has so desperately needed: TripAdvisor has snapped …

Room 77 11 months ago

In a move that surprised more than a few, Google recently licensed booking technology from Room 77 to “remake its search experience …

clock beach 1 year ago

“Let me recommend something for you” – it’s a concept as old as retailing itself. Especially in the pre-internet era of travel …

crazy idea 1 year ago

As 2013 comes to a close, we’ve seen another year’s worth of travel startups trying – and in most cases failing – …

kremer1 2 years ago

Did you notice? Google recently indicated exactly what it is aiming to ultimately become in the travel industry.

woman screen 2 years ago

If there’s one thing travel startups like, it’s sexiness. Not the raunchy kind, but something that sets them apart from the status quo and has some kind of wow factor. Or at least that’s the aim.

sightseeing 2 years ago

When one reads articles like Tnooz’s recent piece on Foursquare accepting instant restaurant bookings, it’s easy to jump to the conclusion (as our dear editor did) that tours and activities must be next.

globe data routes 3 years ago

Imagine a world where someone owns a record of everything you do in life. Went shopping? Safeway owns that act. Watched a movie? Netflix owns a record of that. Grabbed a quick bite to eat? McDonalds owns a log of that.

united airline 3 years ago

United Airlines lost all ability to transact online, in person and over the phone following a reservation systems failure earlier today.

big data eye 3 years ago

Earlier this year, I sat on a panel which had the title “Don’t be a supercreep!”, covering privacy issues in the era of big data.

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