Daniele Beccari

Daniele Beccari

Daniele Beccari is a contributing Node to Tnooz and co-founder/CEO of TargetHub, a startup using mobile and data to change the way people travel.

A travel technology strategist focusing on product innovation with global industry players, he also served as VP Europe at Isango, a global travel experiences aggregator. Previously he was head of global product marketing at the e-commerce division of Amadeus.

He started his career with the internet appliances R&D division of HP, working on e-mail client devices, web tablets and internet refrigerators... in 1995!

An MBA graduate from INSEAD (France), Daniele can be found somewhere between Paris, London, Turin, San francisco or Tokyo. Daniele's views are his alone and not necessarily the views of his clients.

italy money What does the Italian Web Tax mean for travel websites?
italy money 224 days ago

European governments have been actively seeking ideas to prevent web multinationals, such as Amazon or Google, from arbitrating across fiscal systems and …

eiffel tower laptop 494 days ago

Officials in the French capital have announced the launch of a startup incubator focused on “urban tourism”, named Welcome City Lab.

KDS neo CROP 542 days ago

Following initial announcements about a “killer app” and pilot testing last year, travel and expense management software house KDS has officially launched its door-to-door corporate booking tool Neo.

airbnb meatpacking 595 days ago

Airbnb, the most talked about travel startup of 2012, is taking a close look at adding local activities to run alongside the home booking service.

seine 598 days ago

The sizzle in Paris has continued for a few more days this week. And despite the sense that travel is perhaps not as enticing as it was a few years back, some startups still want to give it a go.

leweb12 600 days ago

The annual LeWeb conference has quickly become THE fixture on the European calendar in recent years for startups, industry folk and digital celebrities (not least its founder Loic Le Meur).

bravofly rumbo orizonia telefonica axa private equity tnooz 629 days ago

The combined company will earn one billion euro in annual revenue.

code 952 days ago

The travel industry has a tendency to enjoy bashing itself for everything poor and bad its sees happening, sometimes looking outside to bring a fresh perspective.

testflight 983 days ago

Cloud-based applications over the past decade have introduced a shift in development processes, moving away from long spec > dev > QA phases, into very short release cycles, or sprints.

app montage 999 days ago

The World Wide Wait was a common term used in the late 90′s to vent the frustration of being unable to access the huge potential of the internet.


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