Martin Collings

Martin Collings

Martin Collings is a contributing Node to Tnooz and is currently employed as Vice President, Innovation Management & Commercialization at MasterCard Labs, based in Sydney. In this position he manages various mobile payments initiatives with his role covering the region of Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Prior to MasterCard, Martin Collings spent six years with Amadeus IT Group, based in both Madrid and Chicago in a variety of airline roles, most recently as head of airline e-commerce sales for the Americas.

During his time at Amadeus he also wrote the Shearwater Blog covering various topics of interest for airline selling via direct channels. The views of Martin Collings are his alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views of MasterCard.

NYC taxis Ground transport – the exciting new battleground in travel distribution
NYC taxis 894 days ago

When it comes to disruptive forces in travel distribution, 2010-2011 seemed to be largely about airlines, GDS’s, GNE’s (the so called Genies), direct connects, and full content agreements.

credit card2 1095 days ago

The first person I ever saw using a QR code in an email signature line was Jarad Miller, around the time he was moving into his current role with United Airlines.

1340 days ago

A lot has been written here on the mobile web versus mobile apps debate in travel, but the primary focus of this post is to better understand the size of the lost opportunity from having a mobile unfriendly website.

app montage 1375 days ago

There is no doubt that mobile apps in general have been a huge success over the past few years: last month the 10 billionth app was downloaded from the iTunes App Store.

puzzle converging 1440 days ago

Ever since the beginning of time, seemingly different technologies have been combined in ways that the original inventors never imagined.

alternative awards 1466 days ago

THIS is the set of awards the travel industry is waiting to hear about. No huff, no puff, straight down-the-line acknowledgement of the best of the best. Kind of.

1483 days ago

One of the themes that I have covered probably more than any other is how to get over the hype of all the new technologies and ideas.

air horn 1546 days ago

Hipmunk launched two weeks ago, but it was only the other day that I got a chance to take a look at the site.

inspiration footprint matrix 1579 days ago

With so much being written on the topics of travel inspiration and how travel search is evolving, I’ve come to the conclusion that the differences are really much less than what makes them similar.

engage network 1639 days ago
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