Patrick Landman

Patrick Landman

Patrick Landman is a contributing Node to Tnooz and founder and CEO of Xotels. This hotel management group assists independent hotels with revenue management, online marketing and internet distribution strategies.

They offer outsourcing services, coaching, consulting and training. In his blog, Patrick challenges hoteliers to think out of the box and not to accept the established order.

Through a passionate drive for growth and improvement he brings creative tips, ideas and best practices to the table that can help hotels drive up their bottom line.

In previous roles he has helped to develop businesses like RateTiger and into industry leaders. 

xotels1 Up-selling as an art form in hotels
xotels1 2 years ago

It’s utopia in my world of revenue management in hotels to work with a general manager and operations team with true passion for up-selling.

xotels1 2 years ago

A new year and many changes are on the horizon that are impacting heavily your hotel’s pricing and distribution strategy.

bunk bed 2 years ago

We have just recently taken on two youth hostels in Paris and are working on developing revenue management strategies for them.

telephone 2 years ago

Are hotel businesses spending too much time concentrating on their digital channels at the expense of others?

tool kit laptop 2 years ago

We thought it would be interesting to compile a list with the tools that a revenue manager should have at his disposal.

hotel checkout 2 years ago

I can’t even begin to remember the number of times I have heard hoteliers talk about the need to get more direct business, preferably through their own hotel websites.

hotel desk 2 years ago

As outlined a few weeks back, we are on a mission to help you select the best channel manager available for you, so let’s continue.

dilemma 2 years ago

Channel management has become an important discipline for every hotelier – but it is now maturing.

asset management 2 years ago

Traditionally, hotel asset management has been focused on operations and cost control as the main elements to consider.

hotel manager 3 years ago

Investing in hotel real estate requires a lot of funds. We are talking about tens or hundreds of millions of Dollars or Euros.


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