Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes

Tim Hughes is an online travel industry executive who has been blogging since June 2006 at the Business of Online Travel (the BOOT).

The BOOT covers analysis of online travel industry trends, consumer and company behaviour and broader online/web activity of interest to online travel companies (with a bias towards Tim’s home markets of Asia and Australasia and with the odd post on consuming and loving travel thrown in).

In late-2010 the BOOT clocked its 1,000th post, 200,000th visitor and 300,000th page view.In his work life he is the CEO of Getaway Lounge - a premium travel deal site based in Australia.

Tim has worked for both Orbtitz and Expedia. Prior to the travel industry Tim was a commercial lawyer and venture capitalist. Tim’s views are his alone and not necessarily the views of Getaway Lounge or any of its investors.

singapore Part Two of Two: The Asian online travel zeitgeist
singapore 1493 days ago

In Part One of my WebinTravel reflections, I shared ten things I overheard about the plans and strategies of various travel companies.

wit tweet grab 1494 days ago

Over the course of the WebinTravel conference in Singapore last week I collected a series of tweets, notes and comments.

google instant 1527 days ago

Search is 16 years old and it is changing – in fact, we are entering a period where search companies are going to push and be pulled.

planning workflow 1554 days ago

Part Four: Craft product and content plans… And, the bonus one, Part Five: Start saying it and stick to it.

data field 1555 days ago

Part Three: Start collecting data. All of it. Every single piece you can.

crowd listens 1556 days ago

Part Two: Start monitoring social media, make it a customer service and marketing priority.

social media1 1557 days ago

Part One: Decide who it is you want to talk to and what you want to say.

asia 1593 days ago

The first two decades of online travel were filled with merge and acquisition activity within and between the US and Europe.

pointinside1 1621 days ago

The mobile revolution in travel is on – but victory is not guaranteed.

appilicious 1628 days ago

We are in the middle of a mobile revolution (I admit it). But there are two elements lacking from the mobile revolution before devices on-the-move can beat those on the desk.


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