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morocco Forget Silicon Valley, London or Berlin as startup hubs – move to Morocco
morocco 2 days ago

In 2013, the year was drawing to a close and we had just completed one of the most intensive and demanding periods of our startup adventure so far.

startup cartoon 4 days ago

Hang out with startup kids long enough, and you’ll notice that they have their own language. 

landing pages 1 week ago

More and more businesses and individuals are using landing pages to custom-tailor their marketing messaging to various traffic sources and customer types.

guest blogging 2 weeks ago

Guest blogging has had a rocky road over these last several months.

online advertising spot 3 weeks ago

Google has challenged its own ad-funded business model by launching Contributor.

It’s a US service (for now) that asks users for a monthly subscription in return for ad-free access to the web.

Those who pay between $1 and $3 a month will be able to read some websites that have a thank you message instead of ads.

They also won’t be tracked by Google.

google search magnifiying glass 3 weeks ago

MARKETING: There are obviously huge question marks over the European Parliament’s decision to push for a separation of powers at Google, not least …

facebook keyboard 3 weeks ago

SOCIAL: We all know that Facebook, generally, is a bit of a time-suck. But with three quarters of a billion people regularly …

CEO 4 weeks ago

SYSTEMS: Every CEO will always claim they are a least one of the following things – driven, ambitious, innovative, team-player, motivator. But …

future aircraft 1 month ago

SYSTEMS: Even before Virgin Galactic’s recent and deadly setback, space tourism was unlikely to be a particularly mass form of transportation, even …

google glass 1 month ago

DEVICES: This was always going to be the problem with Google Glass – it’s just not “cool” enough for the masses. Or …


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