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network mainframe How the Google network infrastructure has evolved
network mainframe 2 weeks ago

Google has announced that it wants to fix your home wifi, but internally, it has long been working on far more complex networking issues.

exhausted worker 2 weeks ago

A focus on data to wring out the most possible efficiency from employees. An ulcer-inducing work pace.

leila janah 2 weeks ago

In 2005, Leila Janah landed a job as a management consultant. One of her first assignments took her to Mumbai.

digital advertising 3 weeks ago

"The onion is slowly and surely getting peeled back", argues Jim Spanfeller.

Sabre hack 3 weeks ago

A group of China-linked hackers that has mowed through the databanks of major American health insurers and stolen personnel records of U.S. military and intelligence agencies has struck at the heart of the nation’s air-travel system, say people familiar with investigations of the attacks.

Hitlist 4 weeks ago

Two years ago today, two friends and I sketched out an app, Hitlist, that would alert you when there were cheap flights to places you wanted to go.

car hack 4 weeks ago

As vehicles get high-tech upgrades, car hacking has become a much larger issue. 

social media cube 4 weeks ago

Twitter should be a Google company. Okay, many people have said this before.

google plus-2 4 weeks ago

Create a social network or risk everything – the original internal pitch to fellow employees around the Googleplex.

business plan 1 month ago

"Don’t write business plans," warns venture capitalist and angel investor, Dave McClure, of 500 Startups.


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