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Tnooz - Talking Other Tech

This is the by-line used for articles curated from elsewhere around the web by our team of reporters.

Articles are found using PublishThis, then annotated and published by Tnooz.

jet lag A cure for jet lag? Perhaps mathematics and an app can help
jet lag 3 days ago

DEVICES: Every traveller has a view on jet lag, the world’s annoying way of reminding us we are shifting unnaturally between time …

mobile apps 3 days ago

DEVICES: How consumers use their devices seems to run in a kind of cycle – one minute we are apparently hearing the …

legal bill 10 days ago

STARTUPS: The legal minefield that has become the sharing economy over the past 12 months or so would, under perhaps normal circumstances, …

accelerator 10 days ago

STARTUPS: A fair few travel-related businesses have gone through so-called startup accelerator projects over the years, such as the TechStars and Y-Combinator …

broken heart 16 days ago

SOCIAL: Facebook has evolved (reasonably fast) from being a network for privileged kids at US Ivy League universities to a global phenomenon. …

love-in 17 days ago

SOCIAL: Gone are the clear boundaries between a retailer like Amazon and a search engine such as Google. Add some social media into the …

smartwatch arm 17 days ago

SYSTEMS: Forget the Internet of Things for a moment – with wearable technology some of the biggest tech brands in the world …

facebook mobile 20 days ago

SOCIAL: Depending on who is talking, Facebook is some kind of marketing nirvana for brands or just a complete waste of time, …

twitter whats happening 20 days ago

SOCIAL: Where would the world without Twitter? Some might argue significant swathes of the population would probably be more productive than many …

dead website 21 days ago

STARTUPS: Running a startup can be a pretty scary place to be – not least when not doing particularly well in the …



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