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4 years ago

Big Data insights: Companies are attacking Big Data in a Big Way [INFOGRAPHIC]

Big Data, a term that has become a “yes-we-are-aware-of-it” term among travel industry decision makers, is going to become increasingly important in the years forward.

The magic, obviously, lies in the data.

Indeed, using the data (in the right way) that a travel business collects and stores in a database can create a highly differentiated range of options in terms of marketing, merchandising and more, all in turn which can be offered to a customer.

If you are new to Big Data, here is a Big Data 101 article and another infographic on the future of Big Data, or Big Data’s relevance in travel industry – Post 1, Post 2.

Microsoft has released an infographic that brings out some interesting insights in the Big Data world.

It was prepared by surveying 280 IT decision makers in mid/large size companies in the US.

Among all pointers in the infographic, the one that makes the eyes pop out: nearly nine out of ten decision-makers (89%) surveyed already have a dedicated budget allocated for Big Data implementations.

Are 90% of travel companies on the case?

Big Data Insights - Infographic - Microsoft - Tnooz

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Karthick Prabu

About the Writer :: Karthick Prabu

Karthick was general manager for Tnooz in Asia until September 2014.



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  1. Miramon

    This infographic distresses me with its horrible graphical design and total lack of coherent organization. These random numbers and percentages are all but meaningless individually; together they give the impression of a torrential outpouring of statistical garbage cascading through an Analyst Relations sewer conduit. It’s almost ironic; this grotesque hodge-podge of an infographic is itself a metaphor for what Big Data looks like in a badly designed solution.

    No wonder Microsoft is having problems with Enterprise solutions if this is how they are selling their services. Or perhaps this is how they are attempting to portray themselves as relevant to their own management.


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