prediction airline technology 2017 predictions: A transformational year for airline distribution technology
prediction airline technology 3 months ago

What we have witnessed in 2016 was a clearing of some of the fog around airlines and the technology that powers them. …

SC JAN16 Mysitfly hotels main w logo 1 year ago

Hotels will be aware that, dollar for dollar, it is easier to get additional sales from existing customers than it is to …

British Airways permanent electronic bag tag news 2 years ago

Here are some of the news stories, opinions, and updates to useful tools that are relevant to the evolution of the travel …

SC JUNE Fusion3 main image 2 years ago

Travel for business and leisure is on the rise and a combination of factors are positively affecting airline industry profits. NB: This is …

Virgin America 3 years ago

The booking wizard — a trade nickname for the set of pull-down windows and calendars used by travelers to say what type …

evolution tech 4 years ago

It is said that necessity is the mother of all invention – and we need look no further than the travel industry to see this proverb in practice.

travelagency-550px 4 years ago

We have probably all heard about it, read about it, seen people discuss it on stage at conferences – but doubts still remain as to how big this Big Data thing could and should be for travel brands.

bill murray groundhog day 4 years ago

ETTSA reacts to IATA’s claim that the NDC is just a new data standard, saying instead it’s anti-competitive — and you don’t have to receive GDS incentives to agree.

fear laptop 4 years ago

Providing customers with more information and choice, enabling agents to sell a wider range of products and opening up a new realm of services more closely tailored to customers’ needs.

comScore - South East Asia digital focus - online travel 2 4 years ago tops (by unique visitors) in five out of six countries in Southeast Asia, reports comScore, a digital measurement company.


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