connecting norway Oslo Airport pioneers tech that skips a silly security step for many arrivals
connecting norway 1 year ago

Congratulations are due to Gardermoen, Oslo’s Airport. It finally managed to do what so many airports haven’t. It allows international passengers to …

airport apps 2 years ago

Airports are spending a significant portion of their marketing budgets on customer engagement tools, including a sizable investment in developing mobile applications. By 2018, about …

new istanbul airport 2 years ago

Turkey is on track to spend more than $5 billion on Istanbul Grand Airport (IGA), which — if it fulfills its ambitions …

3 years ago

By aggregating multiple services and information, the “One App” travel concept envisions a truly seamless travel and transit future worldwide. The travel …

4 years ago

Air travel IT and communications specialist SITA is still bullish on the promise of NFC chips in air travel. And with 1 million NFC-enabled Android devices shipping per week, the promise of NFC is most certainly very bright.

4 years ago

We have probably all heard about it, read about it, seen people discuss it on stage at conferences – but doubts still remain as to how big this Big Data thing could and should be for travel brands.

4 years ago

In the airline business, there’s always been tension between the forces in a company such as marketing or finance or operations.

4 years ago

It is often easy to forget – whether we work in the business OR as consumers of travel – that the well-oiled engine room of the industry is a remarkable phenomenon.

4 years ago

For years, air travellers were happy to turn off phones and other devices, tuck into their peanuts, flick through the inflight magazine and watch a film.

change in airline IT spend 4 years ago

Nearly 75% of airline information technology (IT) executives say investing in business intelligence (BI) solutions for sales and marketing is their top priority, according to the annual SITA Airline IT Trends survey.


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