Can awful airline customer service be overridden with AI and analytics?

This is a viewpoint from Scott Kendrick, VP of Marketing at CallMiner. After the debacles that occurred within domestic air travel in …

big data reed harper

As far as setting the tone for HEDNA’s conference in Austin, TX, Harper Reed offered quite the frame for attendees. Reed is …


As the chief financial officer of a revenue technology company, bottom line financial performance always remains at the top of mind. NB …

design thinking hotel technology

When you venture into the back-of-the-house in hotels, it’s surprising to encounter a battlefield of broken furniture, soiled linens, battered walls, and …


Every travel company wants to use data to make the right decisions about marketing, but the reality is that it’s still a …


Hyatt Hotels is one of many travel companies that has been leveraging “big data”. In other words, it’s been aligning all the …


Eric Schmidt, Google’s executive chairman, estimates humans now create in two days the same amount of data that it took from the dawn of civilization to 2003 to create


Getting consumers to notice your mobile application when the majority of apps are never even downloaded is no mean feat.


The number one goal of any travel company is to increase conversion. The higher the conversion, the better the profit.


IBM has released an interesting report detailing the evolution of the consumer as an informed and analytical agent rather than simply a passive entity looking to be chauffeured along the zipping highways of the interwebs.


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