cyber crime


cyber crime Cyber crime in travel – while the cat’s away the devils will play
cyber crime

Travel brands have progressed from the original basic website offerings to the sophisticated all-encompassing experiences we see on some of the leading …


Many companies spend a lot of money trying to protect data from hackers.

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This winter, a white-hat hacker contacted several travel companies alleging that their websites have a security vulnerability that would allow thieves to skim credit card data from customers.


Opportunist cyber criminals are seeing mobile devices as the new method of spreading their chaos, with ome countries reporting a 400% increase in malware on some handsets between 2011 to 2012.


Last week, authorities in the US filed a lawsuit against Wyndham Worldwide, claiming the company and three subsidiaries failed to protect sensitive customer credit card data.


Fraudulent activity by web users in two countries in Europe has led Ryanair to restrict passengers in both markets, so they can only book up to seven days before a flight.


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