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Yatra domain issue 1 Yatra site goes down for hours as error during domain renewal causes mayhem
Yatra domain issue 1

A curious and frustrating time for users of Yatra, after the Indian agency’s service went completely offline for a significant period over the weekend.


In October 2012, Tnooz was among the first to draw attention to the potential damage that might occur, if an OTA such as becomes the host of the new .hotel(s) domain extension.


With lots of talk in recent months about a bonanza of new domain name extensions being made available to anyone, perhaps more than one company would’ve bid for .FLY this week.


As we enter a brave new world of top-level domain names (TLDs), brought upon by the recent approval and registration process from ICANN, what are the opportunities for DMOs and CVBs?


It would be reasonably fair to say that the looming introduction of new Top Level Domain names across the web has yet to set the travel industry on fire.


I have recently been asked if the new global Top Level Domains will change or devalue the prices of existing domain names? My answer is always the same: a clear and resounding “no”.


I’ve likened .brand domains to haemorrhoids. No-one wants them, but many will end-up getting one.


A dramatic increase in the number of approved domain endings has been given the thumbs-up by naming board Icann, paving the way for what could be a massive change in corporate web strategy.


Clearly there is something in buying a string of country domain names and then throwing an existing online travel system onto it – or at least that’s what is doing.


Not uncommon but a very live example of wholesale theft of content and functionality from travel websites by mysterious folk intent on masquerading as another business.


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