Direct hotel booking battle – a potted history [INFOGRAPHIC]

The seeds of the current face-off between hotels and intermediaries go back to the mid-1990s, when online travel agencies first arrived on …

Bing Travel

Microsoft’s seven-year effort at building up a Bing Travel brand has ended. The company has shifted its marketing muscle into promoting MSN …


Flyr, the San Francsico-based airfare forecasting startup, is expanding to Europe in early 2015, thanks to a $500,000 equity investment from Axa …


FLYR is a US startup whose core technology predicts airfare and seat availability. It began life as an idea for a consumer …


In 2008, Microsoft paid about $115 million for Farecast, a fare-prediction startup. Farecast was a free service that helped travelers decide whether …

farely fairfare

New website Farely lets users calculate the cost to an airline of flying a passenger between two airports.


Today US metasearch site Kayak is introducing a price forecast tool similar to an airfare prediction service pioneered in 2005 by Farecast and later acquired by Bing Travel.

steadyfare airfare flight price tracking

US startup SteadyFare is a service that aims to help travelers decide when to buy a nonrefundable, international airplane ticket, given how prices go up and down all the time. The company allows customers pay to lock in a price found on its site for up to a month.


Expedia. Travelocity. TripAdvisor. Kayak. These are all household names that even your mother will likely know.


In the more than three years since Microsoft acquired Farecast to create it, Bing Travel has pretty much lost its identity and gotten swallowed up in the whole Bing thing.

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