Google Cardboard


Virtual reality in travel and hospitality – is it a fad?
4 months ago

The narration is familiar – a new shiny breakthrough in tech is announced, inks spill in its honour, and criticism and opinion …

7 months ago

In the cult 1990s movie “Strange Days,” a virtual reality apparatus pulls images straight from a user’s cerebral cortex. Though solidly in …

google-virtual-reality-dinosaur 1 year ago

It would be fair to say that many examples of virtual reality in the travel sector have yet to convince travellers and …

2 years ago

Las Vegas is the latest travel company to let travellers have a taste of a destination or experience via virtual reality before …

2 years ago

It’s safe to say that 2016 will be the year that virtual reality (VR) emerges from the shadows, opening itself up to …

google cardboard 2 years ago

The rise of Google Cardboard shows the unusual way Google operates when it comes to virtual reality.

virtual reality google jump gopro 2 years ago

Google expanded several of its virtual reality initiatives — including a partnership with sport cameramaker GoPro — that will slash the cost …


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