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A post-mortem on the demise of Google Plus

Create a social network or risk everything – the original internal pitch to fellow employees around the Googleplex.


It’s not news that online travel agents charge significant commissions or that hotels would like to claw back some of that business …

google plus

SOCIAL: It was so easy to dismiss Google Plus when it didn’t seemingly topple Facebook within a micro-second of being launched – …

hotel marketing trends - netaffinity - tnooz

Last year saw hotel marketers riding on a number of trends including Facebook Graph Search, Instagram, Twitter and, more importantly, (hopefully) listening to customers. …

old hotel

It might surprise many that generally the problem around distressed hotels is due to a lack of insight as to how the …

google plus ads

MARKETING: Some argue that Google has been and will always be on the back foot when it comes its own social network …


SOCIAL: Depending on who you ask, Google Plus is a revelation or a complete waste of time. Yet whilst it has more than …


Don’t believe the hype – organic search is not dead after all. The reality is that search marketing and optimisation is simply evolving, especially for the travel industry.


There’s one constant in the world of digital content publishing – there will always be new and exciting tools to explore, and new ways to use them.


How much can a search engine change in a year? If it’s Google, the answer is a lot. Best SEO practices suddenly can turn into web page death sentences if you’re not careful.


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