shock TripAdvisor holds investigation after China site accused of suspicious activity

Daodao, the local imprint of TripAdvisor in China, is the subject of an investigation after a damning report into the validity of …

tavare tripadvisor

A communications manager in Sydney for one of the world’s largest hotel chains has confirmed to Tnooz that he wrote at least 105 reviews anonymously on TripAdvisor, in an apparent breach of the site’s rules.


It’s been part of the user review story for years – hotels worried about customers holding them to ransom with the threat of a bad review unless they get a refund or an upgrade.


The UK regulator Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint filed by KwikChex accusing airline review company Skytrax of misleading claims of authentic reviews.


When reputation management firm Kwikchex went public with its legal threat to TripAdvisor two years ago, most probably dismissed the notion as nonsense


Fighting talk from TripAdvisor as it launches a direct attack on Kwikchex in probably its strongest statement to date around its perceived light-touch stance over alleged fake reviews


In a bizarre twist in the battle to rid the industry of fraudulent reviews, reputation management firm Kwikchex has unveiled a star-rating system for review sites


The wheels move fast at TripAdvisor – sometimes. The user review giant has temporarily removed a new rating system from hotel pages after scores of complaints this week.


TripAdvisor has hit back at a ruling by the Advertising Standards Authority, calling the body “out of touch with real people” and saying it has no material impact on its business.


Ireland-based Carlton Hotels Group says there is no strategy for employees to post positive reviews on TripAdvisor despite an Irish Times newspaper report this morning


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