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dubai uae blockchain loyyal loyal travel destination Dubai and Norway to drive visitors beyond star attractions with a blockchain-based loyalty program
dubai uae blockchain loyyal loyal travel destination 1 year ago

Blockchain technology is running at a gallop and creating unique opportunities for travel companies to track their customer’s preferences, build more personalized …

expedia hotel red lion loyalty rate member 1 year ago

Expedia, Inc., is the first online travel intermediary to begin displaying a hotel chain’s discounted loyalty rates next to standard rates. It’s …

duetto hotel loyalty 2 years ago

Loyalty programs had been a somewhat neglected weapon in the marketing arsenals of both hotels and online travel agencies until recent months. …

travel marketing 3 years ago

This is a roundup of product news and announcements for travel MARKETING in tourism and hospitality for June 2014. Wednesday 25 June …

4 years ago

Superfly, the meta search company that bakes loyalty points into the flight booking process, has announced a new feature that signals a strategic shift.

5 years ago

Airline Frequent Flier Programs (FFPs) were introduced around three decades back by American Airlines in an attempt to reward repeat customers and build brand loyalty.

5 years ago

Suppliers continue to talk incessantly about these two strategies for revenue generation: merchandising and loyalty. Can they co-exist peacefully? Can third parties do either well? In short, not yet.

5 years ago

Two and a half years after arriving on the scene as a place to manage frequent flyer services, GoMiles has been acquired by social travel and trip planning provider Traxo.

5 years ago

In a continued effort to increase engagement across channels, some hotel brands are reaching out and forming new partnerships to increase the value of a customer through the digital lifecycle.

5 years ago

Apparently there is $10 billion wasted every year when travellers are unable to cancel a hotel reservation and get their money back.

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