OAG passenger survey Where consumers start their flight search and factors driving the booking decision
OAG passenger survey 3 months ago

From flight shopping to day of travel, OAG’s latest passenger survey reveals current preferences and future trends. Here are some of the …

airbnb glasgow 3 months ago

The people have spoken – Airbnb listings should be integrated into traditional hotel search results. This is the view of the majority …

OAG 4 months ago

From one private equity owner to another – OAG has switched from Axio to Vitruvian in a deal in the region of $215 …

openjaw-tsky 8 months ago

When China’s state-owned travel tech giant Travelsky bought Ireland’s OpenJaw Technologies earlier this year, many wondered if this was the start of …

OAG MAIN 2 years ago

It has probably affected us all at some time, is totally indiscriminate about who it attacks and frequently causes pain and inconvenience …

flightview 2 years ago

Flight information and analysis specialist OAG has acquired FlightView for an undisclosed sum. OAG says it is ‘strengthening its position’ in the …

ebola technology 3 years ago

We’re so used to hearing the buzz words Big Data being used in almost any context these days. Whether it’s airlines using …

airline people 3 years ago

Direct sales are obviously a powerful way to build customer relationships and defend tight margins. And online is the key to growing …

OAG 4 years ago

Flight information and forecasting service OAG is expected to have a new owner after a £160 million deal was struck between parent company UBM and private equity company Electra Partners.

traveling gnome 5 years ago

What can a single developer pull together with a handful of APIs, a creative mind and a touch of tongue-in-check? Yes, it’s the Traveling Gnome (not the roaming kind!).

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