Social discovery applications might just be too creepy for the masses

The premise of social discovery seems simple: Uncover the people and events around you, in real time, based on user interests and/or locations.


CouchSurfing was once a fine example of how a web brand could capture a market without feeling the need to make heady revenues and kowtow to the needs of its backers.


Nobody particularly likes a deadpool story, but sometimes there are lessons to be learned to help out others in a sector seemingly trying to do that same thing.


More significant sums of money heading into the home rental marketplace with news that UK-based OneFineStay has captured $12 million in funding.


Ground transportation is apparently the new battlefield in travel distribution, apparently – the car-sharing startups beginning to make a fair amount of noise in the past year or so.


Taking its name from explorer, Antonio Pigafetta, credited with being part of the first team to circumnavigate the world, Pigafe is boldly taking on the world of tours and experiences


When it comes to disruptive forces in travel distribution, 2010-2011 seemed to be largely about airlines, GDS’s, GNE’s (the so called Genies), direct connects, and full content agreements.


In the year following the PhoCusWright report titled When They Get There & Why They Go, I’ve seen an explosion of interest and apparent innovation in the tour and activity space.


Remember Schemer, Google’s service to find out things to do in a destination based on tips from friends within a user’s network of contacts and professional reviewers?


For many people travel is all about realising dreams, a brief respite from the daily grind of life and the chance to get inspired by places that they visit.

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