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A new community designed to help tourism operators grow their business. Tourism Tribe aims to help operators swap tips on marketing and distribution
A new community designed to help tourism operators grow their business. 2 years ago

Even though 85% of travelers use their smartphones while on holiday and many sites are seeing upwards of 50% of their web …

Youre in charge 3 years ago

After years of constant criticism for not offering sufficient granular controls for managing privacy, the world’s largest social network is finally delivering …

Hostel image 3 years ago

Hallways is a social network geared towards connecting backpackers staying in hostels. By connecting these travelers with a specific style of travel, …

dopplr 4 years ago

Who remembers Dopplr, the Finnish and London-born social network bought by Nokia in 2009? The company launched in beta in 2007 amid …

Roomize - Tnooz TLabs 4 years ago

When you travel to destinations across the world, why to pay for your hotel stay when you can stay for free?

cash rain 4 years ago

Entrepreneurs dream of sell their company for millions of dollars. But a nasty secret of venture capital is that the dream can be dashed as the venture capitalists make millions in a sale, leaving the founders with nothing.

coop fb infographic CROP 4 years ago

Travel companies are finally getting their heads round the fact that Facebook can be a goldmine of information about consumer habits and the things they like doing on a trip.

ladies crop 4 years ago

It’s not just the youngsters, adults have given into the social media temptation and have signed up for Facebook and created Twitter accounts.

social like 4 years ago

Listening to various panels at a recent event, I noticed many expressed a “wait and see” attitude about social media. Perhaps this reflects the reality that social media is still in its infancy.

olery infograph-CROP 4 years ago

As consumer browsing of online reviews to help select hotels has increased over the years, so have issues around trust, reliability and the age-old question of whether user generated content is genuine.


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