hotel hospitality standards NDC for hotels? Amadeus calls for industry to adopt its IT standards
hotel hospitality standards

The hotel industry is fragmented, and so are the standards it uses to categorize its data. The industry would be better able …


What is the most painful problem the travel industry has today? NB This is a viewpoint by Maksim Izmaylov, founder and CEO …


Lest we forget, travel technology – for all its complexities and inherent challenges – is actually a vibrant sector and well mined by the independent developer community.


Right on time, like a shuttle bus arriving at the hotel with punctuality, US-based startup Mozio sets out to be an airport transportation search engine, enabling travelers to efficiently navigate their transit choices from the airport to the hotel using varying modes of transportation and doing so like a local.


The travel industry has a tendency to enjoy bashing itself for everything poor and bad its sees happening, sometimes looking outside to bring a fresh perspective.


Open APIs (those that are freely or cheaply and easily available) are great – the travel industry has a long and checkered past with proprietary access to information that has, as most here will argue, stifled innovation.


In a previous Tnooz article I suggested that internet technology had transformed the travel transaction into a self-service, always on, multiple choice, zero friction vending machine.


The Travel Technology Initiative recently announced the launch of TTIcodes, an initiative to create “the definitive listing of properties” core information.


The TED Conference produces many exceptional ideas and the one by Rory Sutherland explaining “intangible value” could be a beacon for the travel industry.


It’s not often I write about standards with my OpenTravel hat on, but I thought it important to share some ideas on where standards are going and why, more than ever, they are important to travel.

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