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PixMeAway creates image-based travel search and recommendation engine

Picture search is becoming so popular that even academics are seeing how they can establish and run a travel startup – in this case, PixMeAway – to target the trend.


It’s the travel brand everyone loves to hate. It angers hoteliers and sends the consumer press into a tizzy when something goes wrong. It can only be TripAdvisor.


Further validation of a growing sector in the industry with Revinate capturing a healthy funding round in the form of $14.5 million from Benchmark Capital and Formation 8.


One of the most revolutionary trends happening in hotel technology right now is the use of social media data and customer review analytics in optimizing distribution and maximizing revenue growth.


How many user reviews does the average hotel have against its name these days? Are women or men most likely to lead a positive review?


TripAdvisor, as everyone knows, is a community where travelers can voice their opinions and share their experiences – but its size and influence sometimes creates uncertainty.


Whatever product or service you’re selling; online customer reviews have real bottom-line benefit – increasing conversion, lowering return rates and boosting SEO efforts.


Lots of talk recently around how consumers are ploughing through various stages of the search, shopping and experiencing of travel products.


Nobody really likes receiving negative feedback. It stings, and as a hotel owner or manager, you immediately start kicking yourself for the missed opportunity when a guest leaves negative feedback about your hotel.


Neat idea from the folk at the Weather Channel with the introduction of a trip planning service that combines route information with the latest forecast.


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