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hotel hospitality standards NDC for hotels? Amadeus calls for industry to adopt its IT standards
hotel hospitality standards

The hotel industry is fragmented, and so are the standards it uses to categorize its data. The industry would be better able …

JR Technologies

Some technology veterans think little of the airlines’ effort to adopt standards for its programming languages — called the New Distribution Capability …

iata ndc demonstration ancillaries

Since Sunday, the airline trade organization has been showing of its official simulation of a desktop interface using fare information based on its New Distribution Capability (NDC).

corporate bundles fares

Screenshots of Farelogix’s desktop product shows how agents mights sell ancillaries distributed directly by the airlines via the New Distribution Capability (NDC).


An executive at the Madrid-based GDS talks to Tnooz about an industry proposal to change the standards for airline distribution communications — and what may come afterward.

new distribution

The airlines’ main lobbying organization does a point-by-point rebuttal of a draft letter to Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood asking the Secretary to reject IATA’s application covering the New Distribution Capability.

new york times opinion page

The Gray Lady officially announced its deep skepticism about the New Distribution Capability (NDC), the airlines’ proposal for revised standards for how airlines provide airfare content to end users. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) responds.


A proposal for revised standards for how airlines provide airfare content to end users probably won’t replace GDSs. But that doesn’t mean the effort is useless.


In October, the airline industry will propose new processes be adopted by the four mammoth Global Distribution Systems: Abacus, Amadeus, Sabre, and Travelport.


And, you thought golf was all about enjoying the great outdoors with friends and figuring out how to avoid slicing the ball out of bounds and into nearby homes and roadways?


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