Instagram usage by airlines

10 best airline uses of Instagram

Facebook surprised everybody in 2012 when it purchased Instagram, the photo-sharing app (which now shares videos, too) for a jaw-dropping $1 billion. The reason behind this purchase was simply the power of photos in social media.

Since then, many airlines and hotels have adopted Instagram extensively to engage with users, gain customers, and promote their brands. (See our earlier article on tips for hoteliers to manage Instagram.)

SimpliFlying, the aviation marketing company, has studied in detail this Instagram usage by airlines and has compiled the ten best campaigns that airlines executed on Instagram.

A few highlights:

Lufthansa launched a campaign called “#DeinBerliner” where it appointed an Instagrammer by the name of Lisa to lead the show. Lisa goes to all the places in Berlin that the user community suggests. Suggested places could be a small bar or a famous tourist spot. Lisa takes picture at the location and shares it via Instagram.

EasyJet took a user-generated-content approach, where it asked users to take pictures of their travel and destination, and share it on Instagram with the hashtag “#easyjet”. Today there are about 35,000 posts with this hashtag.

Airline Instagram study - Finnair

Finnair took a different approach. It created two Instagram accounts by the name of Finnairtomi. One is managed by Finnair’s pilot Tomi Tervo and the other account (Finnairnoora) is managed by the airline’s flight attendant Noora Kunttu.

Tervo posts pictures (refer to the screen grab below) that highlights the flight’s operation, cockpit, security service etc, whereas Kunttu posts pictures that brings out safety measures and in-flight services.

Airline instagram study - EasyJet

The usage of hashtags has taken the front seat in majority of the airlines campaigns. One shouldn’t be surprised with Facebook’s decision to add the hashtag feature to Facebook posts.

Also, eight out of the ten airlines campaigns were based on pictures, while two airlines took advantage of the app’s recently launched video feature.

“Top 10 airlines on Instagram” presentation from SimpliFlying:

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Karthick Prabu

About the Writer :: Karthick Prabu

Karthick was general manager for Tnooz in Asia until September 2014.



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  1. Abhishek Singh

    This is a great post, Karthick. Instagram and vine are the kind of future of social media. It is no longer about what you can say in words but what you can capture on multi-media – age old adage of ‘a picture worth a thousand words’ (or a 6 second video that can say much more than a 2 page article).

    And when it comes to travel – what better way to inspire someone than to show them what they are missing. Last time I took a beach vacation was not when I missed the sea but when a friend inspired me with a photo. Pictures and videos are the best friends of travel (look at the volume of travel magazines and TV channels) and Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, etc are the way to go for this future.

    Keep it up!

  2. Sarah Kennedy Ellis

    On thing I have found fascinating is that Instagram seems to be becoming the channel where airline crew members & employees are becoming the most active.

    After doing some research, I found literally hundreds of accounts – and I assume there are many more – from crew members, airport employees, baggage handlers and more than share absolutely jaw-dropping pictures of their jobs and travels around the world.

    Why this was so cool to me is because they have access to parts of the travel experience that little old you & I don’t. That makes the images they share even more intriguing. For example, on a runway or tarmac under a plane, on takeoffs and landings, inside cargo holds on planes, etc. And there are just as many pilots on instagram who share incredible views of the world from their cockpit while in-flight and after (cue the ‘OMG pilots are Instagramming instead of flying the plane” rants)

    Liked this post & curious to see how Instagram will likely evolve as one of the most effective communication channels specifically for our highly-visual industry.


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