3D global destination mapping shines at center of KLM’s first iPad app

KLM’s first iPad app leaned on social media users and frequent fliers to deliver a comprehensive app that includes trip management, with boarding pass and seat selection, alongside interactive flight search and purchasing.

This interactive component is where the app truly shines: integrated 3D mapping technology allows users to spin the globe and zoom in on specific destinations to purchase tickets.

The prices appear first on a country-by-country basis, and after the user clicks on the icon, the app zooms into the chosen country to show prices for individual cities. In addition to country-specific searches, the app’s filters can be used to narrow down searches according to length of flight, climate, and trip themes.

In true KLM fashion, the beauty about KLM’s first foray into iPad app world is the social integration. This is not surprising for such a socially-focused brand, and the feature delivers a fantastically addictive way to search for travel.

Facebook global piece

Login to Facebook, and watch as the world populates with friends, each of which can be tapped to see about booking a ticket. Obviously not every destination has a connecting possibility via KLM; nonetheless, the mental logistics are quite satisfying for the travel lover.

Here’s KLM’s video showing the app’s functionality:

In the announcement, Air France KLM’s SVP of E-Commerce Martijn van der Zee, shared more about how the app was developed:

The app is developed with the assistance of international experts in the field of travel and design and a selected group of KLM social media followers. They have helped in enriching core functionalities and improving the app’s usability. Of course, we also involved frequent flyers to make it a true custom-made app that meets the requirements of our customers.

KLM’s Lizet Menke is the product manager behind the airline’s first iPad app, and she posted this video to the company’s blog announcing the app:

An Android version of the app is coming up later this year.

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  1. Nicolas Hauviller

    If you are curious and fan of 3D, and if you want to experiment 3D Globe, displayed on a 3D TV (using 3D glasses) and controlled by hands using a 3D sensor (using a Leap Motion controller) to display airline fares, then I recommend you to test the Travel Seeker for the Leap Motion controller app by Amadeus (which is the first Leap Motion app to be published on the Airspace app store dedicated to travel by the way).
    Link here: https://airspace.leapmotion.com/apps/travel-seeker/windows
    It’s an experiment and we are very open should you have any comments or suggestions.

    • Johann Thorsson

      Yes, but is it available in 3D?

      • Nicolas Hauviller

        Well, if you own a 3D TV Set (like LG 3D TVs) and if you can connect your PC to this TV set via HDMI, then you will be able to see the globe and the menus in 3D.
        I am not saying that this is extremely useful, but this is part of the experiment: see the potential value of 3D display in such cases)

    • Nick Vivion

      Nick Vivion

      That sounds fantastic! Neat to see all of these applications really start to have legs as new technologies enable new interfaces for travel. I will check it out!

  2. Johann Thorsson

    That really looks great! The inspiration feature makes me want to use it.

    I’d love to see some numbers behind it, like how many people allow themselves to “be inspired” and end up booking.

    • Nick Vivion

      Nick Vivion

      I will be sure to ask KLM about their statistics in a few months. To me, the main limitation is the size of the network – many friends that I had weren’t able to be booked, so that’s a huge pain point if you really want to be able to use this to visit any friend in the world. I have a sneaking suspicion that some clever startup out there is either already working on this, or will see this and expand their offering…


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