Abandonment rates in online travel in a couple of slides

Travel execs often bemoan the low conversion rates in online travel – figures often bandied about show average industry conversion rates of around 3%.

SaleCycle has just released quarterly figures on abandonment rates in travel revealing that 76.8% is the average across all sectors while for travel it’s 81.6% – the highest after utilities and non-profit.

It doesn’t seem as if the needle has moved since 2014 when SaleCycle looked at travel in a little more depth including reasons for not completing a purchase.

As per the slides below, online travel agents are seeing the highest abandonment rates at 86.4% while car rental fares best at 75.3%.

The company has also looked at the impact of remarketing for the same quarter with on-site remarketing seemingly working best at converting those who have previously walked, or clicked, away.

salescycle abandonment rates

salescycle retargeting


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  1. Brian Hamaoui

    Hi Linda,
    I wanted to introduce myself and introduce you to a product that will be releasing to the marketplace next week MyGuestbook.com
    The article regarding abandonment on activities is particularly interesting to me as it is something that we are actively addressing with our guest interactive platform. I wondered if you had time to meet and possibly collaborate on an article about what we are doing specifically bringing new technology and solutions for the vacation rental industry.

    I look forward to hearing from you



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