Airbnb bookings by corporate travellers on growth tear

In some respects, booking figures for Airbnb by corporate travellers remain low compared to those for hotels – but the growth is certainly noteworthy.

Business travel management platform Concur has recently analysed some 50,000 of the expense transactions of business travellers from France, Germany and the UK.

It found that in the eight quarters between Q3 2014 and Q2 2016, $9.2 million was spent by companies in those countries on Airbnb properties.

This comes in on average at $1.1 million per quarter across the three countries.

Compare this to July 2014, when Concur said it was on track to see $1 million going the way of Airbnb per quarter across its entire portfolio of businesses around the globe.

Regarding the latest disclosures, UK corporates lead the way out of the trio of countries (accounting for two-thirds of the spend), following by France and Germany.

Whilst the capitals of each country (London, Paris and Berlin respectively) inevitably were the most popular destinations for Airbnb bookings, Concur found the other leading cities were not necessarily the largest or high on the typical travel lists.

Cologne (Germany), Rugby (UK) and Lyon (France), for example, were included on the top 15 booked destinations across the three countries.

Managing director of UK enterprise at Concur, Chris Baker, says:

“Businesses are not necessarily moving away from booking hotel rooms for their employees, but what they are realising is there is an appetite – particularly from younger staff members to stay in less traditional accommodation, that may be in a more desirable area and offer home comforts, that large hotels cannot.

“The ease of booking and the favourable rates offered on Airbnb are also likely drivers for this trend and can save businesses money in the long run.”

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Kevin May

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  1. macy

    “$9.2 million was spent by companies in those countries on Airbnb properties” – this is chicken feed.
    “The ease of booking” – say what?!! -waiting for an OK from the host who can cancel if he wants to? is much better for alternative lodging.

    • Steve Robertson

      That is true for the usual full property owner on Airbnb; who wants a conversation with the prospective guest to ensure that what they provide and who the guest party consists of, matches up. For the main city properties being talked about in the article, they are usually apartments and many of these property owners use Airbnb exclusively; they can then turn on the instant booking option provided to them by the site. The owners can still set minimum guest party criteria for their property limitations. The booking is instant and confirmed just like using an OTA.

      • macy

        As you state, “The owners can still set minimum guest party criteria for their property limitations” and owners can still cancel, so it’s not exactly like an OTA. Also as you know ‘guests’ are evaluated on Airbnb.


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