Come on, Airbnb – consumers want you on online travel agencies

The people have spoken – Airbnb listings should be integrated into traditional hotel search results.

This is the view of the majority of 2,500 travellers in the US that were polled by travel industry analytics and information provider OAG between December 2016 and January this year.

Just over half (54%) say they would “find it valuable” if online travel agencies offered Airbnb accommodation in their search results.

Just a few percentage points more (56%, rising to 68% of millennials) would book an Airbnb property on an online travel agency if they had the option, the survey says.

Just over two-thirds (69%) were leisure travellers, with the remainder taking trips for business.

Within the business traveller segment, just 4.6% claim their company offers Airbnb as an option for trips.

A third of those would take an advantage of Airbnb if it was available.

Pondering how this might change, OAG says:

“With a massive (and still growing) inventory, possibilities include the acquisition of its own OTA technology or integration with third-party booking platform.”

Such a move on the latter would require a reasonably sizeable change in strategy, with just a handful of third-party websites allowed to officially include Airbnb content in their listings for bookings.

These include and Travelko, both of which were included in a deal signed in Japan in December 2017, below the glare of publicity that usually surrounds Airbnb.

Still, Airbnb says integration with others sites is “definitely a possibility”.

In December 2015, around 100 third party websites lost their ability to showcase Airbnb content when the company axed its affiliate programme (although a deal with Hipmunk remained in place).

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Kevin May

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Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. Steve Sherlock

    I think the question is a little bit leading, given “find it valuable” doesn’t necessarily correlated with buying behaviour. Perhaps a better indicator would be to know how many people “don’t stay” in an airbnb given they aren’t available on OTA sites vs. how many extra more “would stay” if they were.

    I personally prefer all my Airbnb bookings to be within my Airbnb profile (its like a trip planning app) along with my already setup payment methods. So I guess if Airbnb inventory was available on meta search engines – this could possible work given it maintains all transaction through one’s Airbnb profile and meta-search don’t want such a big chunk of the pie as OTA’s would.

  2. William Beckler

    Yes! But Priceline/Booking and Expedia/Homeaway are both doing very well at building competing businesses. And this is why we built customers want to see all of their options!


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