Behold the aircraft cabin passenger experience in 2050 [VIDEO]

The dreamers and engineers at Airbus have reunited to produce the latest instalment of the manufacturer’s vision for air travel in 2050 – this time focusing on the on-board facilities.

Created in time for the Paris Airshow this week, Airbus has followed on from the conceptual airliner created last year by imagining what passengers are likely to expect when they board one of its aircraft in 40 years time.

The aircraft is divided into three zones: vitalising, interactive and smart tech.

Vitalising zone – all about wellbeing and relaxation allowing passengers to recharge their batteries with vitamin and antioxidant enriched air, “mood lighting”, aromatherapy and acupressure treatments.

Interactive zone – virtual pop up projections in this area transform occupants to whichever social scene they want to be in, from holographic gaming to virtual changing rooms for shoppers.

Smart tech zone – tailored towards functional oriented passenger with a chameleon style offering, ranging from simple to a complete luxury service, but all allowing them to continue life as if on the ground.

Airbus says:

“By offering different levels of experience within each zone, airlines would be able to achieve price differentials and give more people access to the benefits of air travel with minimal environmental impact.”

Here is a clip:

Airbus currently spends around $2 billion a year research and development, and claims 90% of the budget is geared toward environmental considerations

The 2050 cabin will be made from 100% recyclable materials, have self-cleaning materials and use passenger body heat to power some of its features, Airbus claims.

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  1. Tci Resorts

    While it does all look great, I am hoping that we will have out of orbit flights by 2050, that would get you between continents in less than an hour, so all the long-flight comfort wouldn’t be needed anyway.

  2. Chicke Fitzgerald

    Did I see legroom?????

    Well, we can all dream anyway.

  3. Sam Daams

    If history has taught us anything it’s that there will be even less space per passenger than what we have today. But hey, the fundaments of economy might change in next 39 years….

  4. Murray Harrold

    Fine, unless, of course, by 2050 we have run out of oil, so kerosene and we all get about on super high speed rail… running on clean electric power…


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