Behold the QR code hotel

This might be an 1 April-type story – but it isn’t April Fool’s Day and this is a story about Dubai, so anything is possible when it comes to hotels in the Middle Eastern state.

Austrian architects Soehne & Partner has created Code Unique, a new hotel complex in the Dubai Studio City district built – you guessed it – with the QR code running throughout the design and ambience of the property.

Just conceptual at this stage, but given the UAE’s desire to push the boundaries of building design and construction it could indeed eventually make its way into real life, Soehne has used the visual appearance of the QR code for the exterior design as well its block-like form for the dimensions and physical construction.

There are probably no other words that can be used to describe better what Soehne has in mind, so only images will do:

qr hotel3

qr hotel1

qr hotel4

qr hotel5

qr hotel6

Perhaps in a different age, say in the 1980s and before Dubai’s meteoric growth, a hotel based on the Rubik Cube might well have been a possibility, too.

NB: Images from Soehne & Partners.

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Kevin May

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  1. Mara

    So cute 🙂

  2. Tim

    if you take a photo of the hotel using a QR reader – does it return an image of the Fonz jumping a shark on water skis?

  3. RobertKCole

    I have a feeling that the ultimate outcome for this project will be the architectural equivalent of a 404 Page…

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