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Best of Tnooz in 2012 – Most popular, most commented and more

2012 was our third full year in operation at Tnooz – with record traffic and more events than ever before.

So as we wish you all a Happy New Year and look forward to 2013, many thanks to you all for making it happen, whether it’s by reading us, commenting on our articles or taking part in the webinars and THacks.

Here are some of the highlights…

Top 20 most popular articles:

  1. Why Pinterest works in the travel industry (ESPECIALLY destinations)
  2. Hotel giants come together to launch Room Key search site
  3. What people in 1899 thought would happen to travel technology [hint: we failed them]
  4. Room Key: Open to all, will lower hotel distribution costs, features and marketing to come
  5. Travel dreamers beware: Fake Instagram accounts offering free flights
  6. Google buys Frommers, destination content in search just got a little bit more interesting
  7. Airbnb as an easy target? Curious tale of disappearing negative review
  8. Data crunching to find the cheapest airline in the world
  9. Priceline buys Kayak for $1.8 billion
  10. Apple Passbook and its potential impact on the travel industry
  11. RIP search engine optimisation in the new world of Google Travel
  12. Four Seasons unveils $18 million website as luxury travel grows
  13. Is Booking.com the travel king of Google AdWords? [INFOGRAPHIC]
  14. Heart-stopping rumour of the decade (that might make sense): Google to buy TripAdvisor
  15. How a tourism board made its visitor centre look and feel like an Apple Store
  16. The new Google travel ecosystem… from the user point of view
  17. How many hotels in the world are there anyway? Booking.com keeps adding them
  18. Impact of social media on the travel industry [INFOGRAPHIC]
  19. It’s the end of the world as we know it – Expedia kind of hopes so
  20. iPhone5 – new maps, Passbook comes front and center, and more

Top 20 most commented articles:

  1. Three questions travel bloggers must address right now
  2. War on fake travel content intensifies – now it is time to rate the hotel review sites
  3. Why Pinterest works in the travel industry (ESPECIALLY destinations)
  4. Oh my goodness – Men of Travel Blogging Calendar for 2013 [women version also available]
  5. Social travel gets graphic as Trippy, Wanderfly, Gogobot, Gtrot display Pinterest interest
  6. Hang on a minute – Is social media destroying tourism?
  7. Hotel giants come together to launch Room Key search site
  8. Come on, travel startups: Please innovate and stop replicating!
  9. What are the best cities around the world for travel tech startups?
  10. Can consumer travel startups make it without being bought?
  11. Google Hotel Finder — OTA advertisers commandeer hotel pages
  12. Joobili – sad tale of a travel startup with lots of promise that ended up in the deadpool
  13. Google flight search bias? What about Bing?
  14. RIP search engine optimisation in the new world of Google Travel
  15. Online travel content – now is the time to take it REALLY seriously. With bloggers. Please
  16. Feeding The Beast in travel might work for startups but is not helping in the long term
  17. Sorry everyone – online travel planning still looks like it is broken
  18. Five golden rules of social media ROI in the travel industry
  19. Airbnb as an easy target? Curious tale of disappearing negative review
  20. Wikitravel users to move to Wikipedia, upsetting former owner Internet Brands



Other stuff:

NB: Thank you image via Shutterstock.

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  1. Heddi Cundle

    Love it! Very busy year and good hangover reading 🙂

  2. RobertKCole

    Still not enough reactionary political screed or celebrity gossip for may taste, but thanks for holding the torch of travel tech enlightenment 😉

  3. Adi

    Thanks for a great year team Tnooz!

  4. Lucas

    Thanks Tnooz for amazing 2012 year and so many great articles. You are still our TOP websites 😉


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