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Cebu Pacific Lady Gaga dancers: PR stunt or lucky viral?

Almost five million views on YouTube in the space of four days is quite a feat for a supposedly home-made video of flight attendants on Cebu Pacific dancing while doing the safety demo.

The two-minute clip starts with a track from singer-of-the-moment Lady Gaga filling the passenger cabin and then three members of crew performing the aircraft’s safety guidelines in a rather, err, unconventional fashion.

Perhaps it says too much about the scepticism around viral videos in that immediately it smacks of a PR stunt, cobbled together to resemble a clip taken by a passenger.

Nevertheless, since being uploaded on the 30 September the video has started doing the rounds of mainstream media outlets and has 10,500 comments on YouTube and thousands of Likes on Facebook.

With remarkable timing, Cebu Pacific has now issued a statement about the video, with the VP for marketing and distribution Candice Lyog thanking people for all the views and comments, and explaining the dancing safety demo was actually conducted at cruising altitude, a detail not included in the original description of the clip.

So, passenger or PR? You decide…

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Kevin May

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Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. gagamusicisaddictive

    it’s both pr and viral. it wouldn’t have caught the attention of various websites if it weren’t good, right?
    it’s got everything in it, lady gaga, asian women dancing, a creative idea.
    what’s not to like? other airlines should follow suit, i mean, get creative.

  2. Liz

    Very amusing. Just wanted to note that it is not all Lady Gaga. It transitions from Just Dance by Lady Gaga to Katie Perry’s California Gurls and back again.

  3. Hichame

    Most likely PR agency and not random passenger … would an average traveller refer to flight attendants or stewardesses as FAs in the title of the clip?

    More importantly.. why does it matter whether it was genuine or not… the main issue is that it worked. There are a lot more people (millions maybe) that are now aware an airline called Cebu Pacific exists.

  4. evelyn abao

    PR or not, the video is unique, the angling of camera perfect…and the FA talent’s performance excellent. The Filipino’s charm is very Asian but with a very global reach. We have not much in economy but we are wealthy in arts and culture, hospitality and happy citizens.

  5. Filip Filipov

    PR – why would you have your camera ready to capture the FAs going down the aisle, if you hadn’t known that it would be a good show. But very good stuff, I admit. 🙂

  6. Martino

    What I find amazing is that there is only one video filmed. I would have imagined there would be several people with mobiles. The fact that this one video reached such a viral status makes me think it was filmed and promoted by their PR agency.

    • Travel NZ


      Have you checked Youtube to see if there are any other videos of this captured?

      It may turn out to be bigger than Air New Zealand doing the safety check in their bodypaint and smiles.

      All the best,

  7. Travel NZ

    Hard to say if it was “accidental” or planned.

    Seems like anything tied into Lady Gaga these days is going to get attention.

    Heck even the staid world of ballet dancing has gotten free publicity by doing a routine based on her then putting it on Youtube.

    All the best,

    • Kevin May

      Kevin May

      @travel nz – i’m leaning 100% toward the moment being captured by a friendly PR agency, rather than good fortune that a passenger had a camera at the ready, primed to record such a momentous occasion 🙂

      • Travel NZ


        It certainly seems the most likely event…if you are a rational person.

        Good PR makes it more believable to be spontaneous.

        All the best,

        P.S.Keep all those “thinking persons” observations coming.
        I’m ready to join in the discussions.

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