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Cruisers: Book a trip online but ditch the technology on-board

Some time away from the lure of every-day technology appears to be a motivating factor for cruise trippers, with a total digital “detox” a popular choice for many in a recent survey.

A study from cruise online travel agency BonVoyage (decent enough sample size of nearly 1,350 Brits) found that almost four out of ten (39%) would like a complete break away from their “usual tech-filled environment”.

Over half (57%) would go on a tech-free cruise if available while 18%  admitted they considered having gadgets and other tech items on board to be “stressful”.

Almost half (23%) said they would struggle to switch off if they had personal devices on-board with them and just over a quarter (27%) thought it unnecessary to bring technology along on a trip.

But what would be the item most missed if travellers opted for a tech-free cruise holiday?

The survey found:

  • Mobile phone – 72%
  • Tablet – 53%
  • MP3 player – 41%
  • Kindle – 32%
  • Gaming console – 21%

Despite the desire to ditch the tech, previous studies show that cruise trippers are happy to use their devices and other technology when sailing the seas.

A survey by CruiseCompare in 2011 outlined to what extent passengers are using their own technology when on-board a ship, while Royal Caribbean is actively promoting its technological prowess in terms of gadgets and other devices available to travellers.

NB: Ship technology image via Shutterstock.

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  1. Mike

    My company develops the Ship Mate Cruise App for Android and iOS devices. We agree that cruisers should make the most of their vacation and to leave behind work to the best of their ability.

    However, we’ve heard from many of our users that Ship Mate helps to make cruises significantly less stressful. They’re using mobile devices (our app, specifically) to prepare for and enhance their cruise. Our utility features like Packing Checklist and Contacts list help to remember the essentials and to find friends and family members’ cabins. Our Budget helps to assure that they don’t overspend.

    Also, our Deck Maps, Ship Locations and Port Info (maps, weather, tips, info, etc) help to be as prepared as possible. There’s nothing more stressful than getting off of the ship without a plan.

    Most importantly, our strong cruise community serves as the best resource for cruisers. We constantly have users asking each other where to stay, how to get to the port, what time to board, what areas to avoid, and many of the other questions that could cause a cruiser (especially a first timer) stress.

    That’s my completely biased $0.02 🙂


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