Trondheim shows how 2014 could be year of the destination drone cam [VIDEO]

If 2013 was kind of year of the selfie, then the next 12 months might see a dose of quality added to the repertoire of travel-related media as drone-type cams really kick in.

Ground-controlled miniature cameras are nothing new, but far more affordable ones which are easy to control seem to have hit a new gear in 2014 – with destinations eager to capitalise.

The Norwegian city of Trondheim and its tourism board have done exactly that, it would appear.

In a clip which hit YouTube just a few days ago, Winter in Trondheim showcases the city out outskirts using a combination of some helicopter shots but mostly using a drone digital camera.

The idea, according to Visit Trondheim project manager Sven-Erik Knoff, was to go beyond the “traditional” easy of presenting a destination.

The company behind it, Fram Film (via Natural Light), has produced the clip for a mere $25,000-$30,000, once licensing and agreements are finalised – a fraction of the cost of some destination videos.

Knoff adds:

“The production company wanted to combine helicopter and drone photography in a way never before seen in order to get closer to the attractions and to get a closer view.

“I think this is the future of presenting destinations, showing the audience something they can’t do themselves, even with a great camera.”

Here is the clip:

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Kevin May

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  1. Daniele Beccari (@danbec)

    You must have noticed the extensive use of camera drones at Sochi Olympics? I’m very impressed by the quality of images and of the editing in real time. Definetely a good trend.

    • Cubert Stinger

      Those in Sochi are actually not drones, but cable cam, you just dont see the shadow of the cable on the ground.
      But cable cam are pretty hard to use in a cityscape, for that drones are great. But the level of quality of the drone footage in the Trondheim film is excellent, most drone footage is really bad. So you have to get real proffesionals, with the right equipment to do this.


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