Etihad Airways finds a use for protected tweets – special stuff for VIPs

Twitter has Protected Tweets for those users who prefer to keep such insight about what type of bagel they’re eating just for a select group of lucky followers.

According to Beevolve, around 10% of Twitter users have “protected” their contributions to the public social network, but these often tend to be people who want to create closed groups around their content, rather than brands.

Step forward Middle East-based carrier Etihad, which uses a large amount of its marketing activity to push the luxurious and VIP experience that passengers supposedly get by flying on the airline.

That apparent exclusivity has now found its way into how Etihad uses social media, with an initiative being launched to give its premium passengers access to special benefits by using the aforementioned closed off area of Twitter at @etihadpremium.

Etihad reckons it is the first airline in the world to do so.

etihad premium twitter

The “Premium Twitter channel”, as the airline calls it, is available to Guest Gold and Platinum members of the airline’s loyalty programme and opens up once they have been “verified” by Etihad’s team.

So what might those in the exclusive club get if they are given access?

Etihad says members will receive “privileged content, tailored news and offers”, as well – perhaps the real benefit – “prioritised round-the-clock service in English and Arabic”.

The airline says this last element carries a five-minute response time, a promise that most airline call centres can’t match.

Etihad’s social media boss, Elizabeth Selby, reckons the use of Protected Tweets “aims to enhance the experience of our most valued guests by offering them a personalised service and delivering a range of unique benefits”.

“It also allows Etihad Airways to create highly-focused campaigns and build stronger relationships with its premium audience through meaningful conversations.”

One curious part of this initiative here is how many of Etihad’s high-end (“top-tier”, the airline calls them) passengers are active Twitter uses?

Are these high-flying (literally) executives, royalty and other wealthy passengers active Twitter users, or are Etihad’s social media managers hoping that the PAs of members will embrace this use of social media on their boss’s behalf?

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