European flights now live and with amazing detail on a Google map

Another wonderful flight tracking (coffee break/time-waster) site has emerged courtesy of RadarVirtuel.

A work-in-progress,  but the system plots every aircraft in Europe on a Google Map and includes data such as height, flight code, airline and aircraft, destination and start point.

The flight information is obtained by aggregating data from a number of organisations that use ADS-B receivers to monitor aircraft patterns.

The speed in which data and aircraft markers are served onto the map is dependent on bandwidth available at the time. Data can also be filtered by individual airline.


The company says:

We believe that this information can be useful for various needs (locating an airplane for personal or business purposes, computing statistics), and notably it can lead to a better public understanding of what happens above our heads. What we are trying to do is simply display on the web some data that is already available, and make it easy to interpret.

RadarVirtuel is looking for other enthusiasts to get involved with the project in order to increase its coverage around the globe.

Transmitters are picking up flights in the Los Angeles area, Florida, Vancouver region and South Africa.

The Casper system in Holland, unveiled in late-2009, plotted and animated the movements of aircraft arriving and departing from Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam as well as other flights in Dutch airspace.

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Kevin May

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  1. RetsaM

    ADS-B is for public aviation mainly.
    If you are a terroris you only have to turn off your in-plane transponder and you will be invisible.
    Milliaty have they own radar for detection and surveillance to protect the public.

    Somebody how work with it.

  2. sven

    Awesome. Thanks for this link. It’s truly a wonderful time-waster.

  3. Sean O'

    Is this a security question? If high-ranking officials or a well-known celebrity is flying, is this giving away too much info? Or for just terrorists in general? Is there enough of a benefit for having this information public for the possible risks?

  4. Dennis Schaal

    Dennis Schaal

    If only RadarVirtuel put rental cars on the map, too, then we’d really know what is going on:) Just sayin’

  5. Alexander van Terheyden

    This is awesome – I had seen their was a USA Website for ages – was waiting for Europe to catch up.
    Great stuff and I’m not even a plane watcher – just interesting to know who is above me right now.


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