Expanding our coverage on Tnooz – Talking Other Tech

Over the course of the next few weeks, amongst some other big changes, you will start to see us covering more than just travel technology news on Tnooz.

Thankfully (for everyone, including us at Tnooz), this will not be an attempt to join the hordes of media brands out there trying to cover every single aspect of the daily goings on in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector.

There’s no point in adding to the noise.

Instead, we will start highlighting other technology news, research, opinion and analysis we find elsewhere on the web, which we believe has some relevance to you, our tech-savvy readers, many whom have an interest in the wider issues affecting the world of technology.

Tnooz has partnered with a fascinating and technically brilliant US-based editorial curation service called PublishThis to help us do this. So, alongside our original editorial content you will also notice articles pointing you to relevant content elsewhere.

We’re very excited about adding this new element to our overall editorial product and hope you like what we’re going to do here.

All part of the service…

NB: Devices image via Shutterstock.

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Kevin May

About the Writer :: Kevin May

Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. Brian Beard


    This sounds awesome, and I’m sure Tnooz will do it in such a way as not to go too far away from the core travel technology focus that have helped you become one of the best information sources. As for some of the comments above, emerging technologies consistently touch other industries before they gain a foothold in travel and tourism. It make perfect sense to expand the focus, we will all benefit from it.


    Brian Beard

  2. Are Morch

    Hi Kevin.

    Sounds like Tnooz is moving into aggregating content from other Channels simiar to Skift. I enjoy Skift, and no doubt you are tapping into a larger market segment here.

    Is Tnooz planning to shift toward the Magazine style?

    No doubt I see this as a very interesting development, and that it eventually becomes a natural part of your brand. It is all in the presentation of the news. Your already existing network need to see the added value here. And I am confident we will do so.

    Will your email be similar to Skift, they provide one featured story and then a list of articles that I might find interesting. The list I get from Tnooz is helpful to identify stories of value for me.

    Look forward to see how this turns out. Let me know if I can assist in anyway, will share the words with me network when I see your new updates.

    Keep on educating us.


    Are Morch
    Hotel Blogger

    • Kevin May

      Kevin May

      @are – thx for the thoughtful comment.

      I am not going to comment on other media brands and what they try to do, but our intention is very clear: we are NOT going to be simply republishing snippets of other travel content from around the web. That’s a bit lazy.

      We want to highlight articles that are relevant to those working in the digital travel economy that come from other verticals and the general technology and marketing sectors.

      I do not subscribe to many other media newsletters, but I can say we do not have any plans to change our own, in the short term at least.

      But always watch this space, sir.

  3. Psycho

    Well, Tnooz had already some articles that covered general topics with an exclamation how they can be applied to travel sphere (see coverage of Facebook Opengraph search by Nick Vivion, for example – https://www.tnooz.com/2013/04/10/social-media-2/unleash-the-location-based-beasts-exploring-the-new-graph-search-on-facebook/). So it would be nice to continue such practice. It may be some writing on general tech-related topic with some travel experts’ comments included in the article, for example. That would help to expand to other niches and not to loose focus at the same time.

  4. Chris Carmichael

    Good news Kevin, I´m looking forward to seeing the results

  5. Michael Scepaniak

    I have to agree with David. If Tnooz starts overlapping too much with Mashable, I’m going to drop my “subscription” to Tnooz, not Mashable. (Of course, I may not be your target reader.)


    • Kevin May

      Kevin May

      @michael – cheers for the comment!

      believe me, we have no aspiration to replicate Mashable (for countless reasons).

      You will find that the stories that have already been published under the Talking Other Tech have not been produced on Mashable et al, but are relevant to our audience as they look at other sectors for guidance, inspiration or other factors.

      I hope we do not disappoint you.

  6. S. Lampkin


    Stick to what you’re best at…
    Don’t add mediocrity…

  7. Geert-Jan Brits

    Sounds good. Especially looking forward to curated links with some substance, like a short analysis as to how it’s important / exciting, etc. for the travel community.

    • Kevin May

      Kevin May

      @geert-jan – thx! That’s the intention here: relevancy…

  8. David Goldschmidt

    Terrible idea. Focus. You have a great niche … do it well.



    • Kevin May

      Kevin May

      @david – thx for the comment.

      Our intention is not to replicate those sites or indeed the stories they cover, but pick up content from elsewhere around the web that are relevant to our readers but which they may have not come across.

  9. Norm Katz

    Consumer based technology is (or should be) a critical strategy component of all travel related firms. Kudos to you TNOOZ!!

  10. Ola Zetterlöf

    Great news! Tnooz is definitely the best source of tech news so look forward to the new stuff!

  11. Alex

    Good work, Kevin! I invite all the writers and readers to add a “travel twist” for bonus points. 🙂

  12. todd

    Very interesting! You guys certainly cover *travel* technology with aplomb! May I suggest nosing into the retail & media technology sectors? Both sorely lacking for quality, in-depth news coverage out there, IMO.

    • Kevin May

      Kevin May

      @todd – thx for the comment. Yes, we’re certainly looking at those areas!


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