With retro travel posters, Expedia coaxes travelers to dream of extinct animals

Expedia UK has launched a quirky marketing series called Unknown Tourism — a series of vintage-style travel posters advertising destinations as if it were decades ago and rare animals were still alive.

It’s not an actual advertising campaign. They won’t be appearing on billboards or in subway stations or even as web ads. They’re instead digital marketing content that Expedia UK hopes will be shared virally.

alaska expedia poster

These are part of a trend of fictional travel posters inspired by the air travel advertisements of the 1930 to 1950s, which have seen a lot of traction on the web recently, a company spokesperson says.

Check out the posters for New Zealand commemorating the moa, Costa Rica commemorating the golden toad, and Tasmania commemorating the thylacine.

It’s an unusual form of digital marketing and hats off to the brand for trying something different.

jamaica expedia poster

costa rica poster expedia

expedia poster mauritius

expedia poster new zealand

expedia tasmania poster

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  1. Carole Miller

    Where can I buy these posters (or reprints)?


    This is great,
    I have actually re decorated our offices with vintage Railway posters of France as we are a destination management company and the posters are very similar to the ones posted on this article! I just love the DODO!!!


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