What to do when your Facebook hotel page gets hacked (as many did this week)

Did you wake up on Thursday, log on to Facebook, and realize that your hotel decided to change its name to Hotel Mooshaus?

NB: This is an analysis by Kelsey Nupnau, interactive marketing manager at Blue Magnet Interactive.

Well you’re not alone! All hotel Facebook pages were edited to include a bizarre update on their hotel’s information – the subcategory “Hotel” had mysteriously changed to “Hotel Mooshaus”.

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What exactly is Hotel Mooshaus?

We’re still trying to figure that out. If you clicked on the Hotel Mooshaus subcategory it would take you to a mysterious Topic page.

At time of writing, 13,019 people like Hotel Mooshaus on Facebook:

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Don’t have moose at your hotel? How can you fix your hotel’s Facebook page?

We had a support ticket open with Facebook to fix this issue on our clients’ Facebook pages.

Plus, with Mooshaus trending on Twitter, it’s bound to get picked up by Facebook’s support staff pretty quickly.

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At the time, you could temporarily fix your hotel’s page on your own by removing the “Hotel Mooshaus” subcategory from the Facebook page categories until support staff fixed the issue.

  • Go into your About section
  • Click to Edit your Page Info
  • Under “Subcategories” hit “Edit” and hit the “X” on Hotel Mooshaus:

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You don’t have to edit your main category – it should still be listed as “Local Business: Hotel”:

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Will this happen again?

It’s possible. Facebook pages within the “hotel” subcategory have been hacked before, which is why it’s always a great idea to check your Facebook page’s “About” section from time to time.

The most recent Facebook hack that affected hotels specifically was a mysterious “APPhotel.com” subcategory, which has since been removed.

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NB: This is an analysis by Kelsey Nupnau, interactive marketing manager at Blue Magnet Interactive. The original post appeared here.

NB2: Editor’s note – we also had multiple queries come to Tnooz about this on Thursday. The issue appeared to be resolved within a few hours.

NB3: Another similar yet perhaps unrelated issue occurred involving the Royal Caribbean Facebook page in January this year.

NB4: Hack image via Shutterstock.

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  1. Sam Daams

    I seriously doubt this is a hack of any sort at all, more like a bug that keeps re-appearing in their classifications of categories/sub-categories. It seems to be exactly the same issue that they had recently and Tnooz links up in NB3. Bit of an embarrassment it keeps coming up, but hey, it’s not quite as bad as the fact that you can rate any competitor’s page with a 1 star rating without their knowing it! 🙂 Their rating system, now there is something that is seriously broken…

  2. P. Jason King

    Hey Guys, hackers have proven they could get into the Pentagon. The Internet is the Internet, all should be aware when you place vital infomation on a website, especially open to the public, things can happen, not will but can. So, all must be careful. No matter how great your software is and firewalls, there is always someone who can penetrate.


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