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Flocations secures $600,000 funding round, aims to integrate hotels into visual search platform

Search-by-price-on-maps service Flocations has raised almost $600,000 in pre-series funding as it looks to expand its initial service to include hotel product.

The round (SING $700,000) was led by TNF Ventures and is supported with additional capital from SingTel Innov8 and Singapore-based business angel Ben T Ball.

The current Flocations site allows users to find getaways and short-haul breaks around South East Asia using a series of interactive tools on a map.

Flocations founder Tudor Coman says the funding round will support its effort to integrate hotel content into the same platform.

He adds:

“This means users can search for a whole vacation just by putting in their price and also lets them discover places they never even thought of within seconds!”

The investment is one of the first for new fund TNF Ventures, while travel-related businesses under the SingTel umbrella include Moment.me and VenueMob.

NB: Flocations was won of two winners at the THack @ WIT Singapore event in October this year.

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  1. Ariana

    I really wish Tnooz would start asking some technology questions in these posts, like HOW does Flocations intend to integrate hotel info, and from where will they get their data?

    There are smart ways and not-so-smart ways of integrating and accessing data, and that information is useful and compelling, more so than just a quote from the head of the company about how great the new feature will be.

    • Tudor

      Hey Adriana,

      Great question. You can see from our site that we are using two providers of data (we are still a startup you have to remember) but we’re looking to bring more OTAs on board to provide more comprehensive data.

      However, I think you’re question is in regards to how we match hotel+flight. This is simply done algorithmically on our backend and it’s based on our internal hotel and flight rating, and a few parameters that the user chooses (amongst price we also take into account the type of accommodation that they desire, ie backpacker, luxury etc). The rest is how we manage the interaction and user experience when a user has to parse through his flights and hotels in different cities.

      The site is about answering “where can I go for X dollars” and we help you see that for example, 500 dollars you can get this type of package in this city or another type of package in another city.

  2. Daniel

    Well done neighbors!


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