Hotel sacks manager for slamming negative reviewers on TripAdvisor

A Scottish hotel has found itself in the limelight after its manager continually turned guests who left damning reviews of the property on TripAdvisor.

The Georgian House Hotel in Glasgow, which has a three out of five rating on the user review site and bills itself as a “cheap hotel in a 5 star location”, received the following review from an apparent guest four weeks ago:

georgian house hotel review

Although TripAdvisor strongly encourages hotels to respond to reviews constructively and put measures in place to ensure bad experiences to do not occur again, the then-manager replied to the guest with the “get real” comment pictured at the top of this story.

This, it turns out is not the first time the the manager has reacted sharply to criticism on TripAdvisor, with previous responses ranging from “what do you expect for so little cash” and “if you want a good breakfast go to the hilton and pay £100.00 a night. You pay little you get little”.

The perhaps unconventional approach to management responses, continues with one found by the Mirror:

“Thanks for your money, sucker. Long may the idiot line continue.”

Or, still on the site:

“With only one person to look after the place what do you expect. Think about what you paid.”


“Put simply this complaint boils down to a disgusting old shaving brush that was left next to the bin. Our natural assumption was it was in such an embarrassing state that surly it was destined for the bin(and was in fact lying next to it).#

“There was no hot water because the boiler had broken and they were offered alternative alternative showering and washing facilities but declined and left without washing. I did not continue the telephone conversation because the male guest was abusive.

“Nil points for civility and hygiene on the guests part. We also have a new a new boiler.”

Nevertheless, after the most recent series of spiky responses to negative reviews, Georgian House Hotel’s owner (who lives overseas) has had enough.

A call to the hotel this week confirmed that the previous manager was sacked and a new one has now been put in place.

Currently the property is listed as 20th out of 38 bed and breakfast/inns in Glasgow, with 94 reviews on TripAdvisor (26 rate it excellent, 19 terrible).

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Kevin May

About the Writer :: Kevin May

Kevin May was a co-founder and member of the editorial team from September 2009 to June 2017.



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  1. Michael Peters

    Well done by the manager. Some people on TripAdvisor are just Asking for it!! Oh the things I would say if I could. It’s all a show and it is the complainants who fail to see the other side of the coin.

  2. Rahul Sinha

    Trip advisor has given the liberty to people to write any comments about any hotel, whether the guest had stayed or not…I mean to say trip advisor does not seems to reconcile with the hotels whether the guest had stayed or what measures were taken to make the guest stay pleasant.
    Not to forget, that manager is also a human and if he is working under a pressure…things are tend to get untidy. Owners only require profit and they ask managers to cut on expenses, and thus all of these things happen.

  3. Matthew Barker

    Looks like someone’s taken a few too many pages from O’Leary’s book…

    • Colin Brownlee

      I do not always think that is a bad thing. People get tired of suckie responses that mean nothing. Just put out there to pretend they care.

      I get customers who on occasion tell me “the Customer is Always Right”. I don’t subscribe to that. I have a house full of people and my commitment is to all of them and not to have one decide they are more important then the rest and in doing so cause problems for other guests or staff. My response to them is exactly this. I deliver as tactfully as possible, but the message is delivered.

      If they have a problem with it, I also assure we are committed to your happiness. It is your vacation and you deserve to get what you want. First of all, please tell us if there was anything we had on our website that was misleading. So, I can investigate and see if clarification is needed.

      Then , what is it that you really need? If we can not provide it, then we will help you find other suitable accommodation and relieve you of your reservation obligation.

      What I don’t tell them is there is only one thing worse then them not being happy at our hotel… That is me and the staff having to deal and face their sorry asses every morning for the next week. Sorry, I love my business and I like 95% of our customers. But there are some things in life that you can decide I don’t want to put up with and in your in control not to.

      Besides… Clients overwhelmingly like the vibe of our place and they say the staff is so nice. Now, I know we make efforts to make sure our staff is pleasant… but there was something else I could not figure out. Then it dawned on me one day. The customers are nice. Well then its easy for the staff to be nice. It comes natural.

      Bottom line… Going on 9 years in business, 5 years #1 on TA for our area. 14 rooms + rental houses, bar, restaurant, beach club etc. 743 reviews. And an extremely high occupancy rate that I will not even disclose, because when I do, other hoteliers think I am lying.

      So, James… I agree once in a while. Suck it up! This is Central America… Not Disneyland. I just travelled to Myanmar… Loved it! It was clear when you got off the plane at the airport when you saw the military and a sign saying that drug smuggling could result in death penalty. Well, we ain’t in Kansas anymore Dorothy.

      I had the other day a customer complain there was a cat in their room. I told them that is the house cat and just close the door and she will not come in. That did not seem to be satisfactory. So, I told them that living here in the jungle on the beach, I have come to learn… Its cats or rats? Customers seem to overwhelmingly love the calico cat.

      I also smiled… and said. Listen, you are lucky… it was only a cat. They seemed nervously confused.. And the husband said, “what are you saying?” I shrugged.. and told him stay a while and look around. You would be amazed what is crawling through that jungle just 200 feet away. We have learned not to underestimate Mother Nature.

      They stayed… 🙁 Gave me a so-so review, but made sure to complain about the cat. I just laughed.

      Life is too important to be taken seriously.

  4. James Dickinson

    What timing! As most owners of travel acommodations in the style of a Bed and Breakfast, it does sting a bit to recieve a bad review. I just recieved one that was average. The issue was that it was not real, and by someone without a real Trip Avisor address listed as is customary or as I thought-required. I slept on it and rightfully wrote a profession response-considering what I really wanted to write. In this business you have to “suck it up” and move forward. This Scottish gentleman might be looking for the attention he has gotten-good or bad. But I understand-as many of us do-to have your property and hard work devalued. I rather liked his”3 star in a 5 star location.” He was being honest, no? But do not mess with mother Trip Advisor! As it happens, my professional ( slightly toungue in cheek)response to my “non-guest” was worth the upgrade of my property to the number two position in my city. Thank you Mother TA! One has to take the good with the bad. I personally donot trust any property with all perfect reviews for the fact the people are not perfect. You can bend over backwards for a guest that is just unhappy with life in general. I wish the Scotsman well, just the same. We have all felt like doing the same. Don’t tell me anything different. To a great 2014 everyone!

  5. Colin Brownlee

    I like the AirBnB approach where hosts can review guests as well. We have had some doozies … But still have maintained our high ranking.

    I have a rule of thumb.. Always wait at least 24 (better 48) hours before responding to a negative review. Especially if it’s one you feel is unfair.

    Then forget about the person who wrote the review. Hopefully and Thankfully they are gone and never to return. In fact one who told me that he was going to encourages his friends also not patronize me, I surprised him with a cash offer to help him do just that.

    Your reply needs to speak to the people reading the review. So, my challenge is how do you take a review that is very negative and spin your response into enticing the right type of customer you want for your place.

    It can be done. Check out my bad reviews and how I responded and I would love feedback. I am always trying to improve my art. I have a few fans by the way 😉


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